Difference between dates and prunes

Difference Between Prunes and Dates

difference between dates and prunes

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Whip up enough bliss balls recipes and you'll know dates have been the go-to all natural sweetener in cooking. The sweetness of dates allows us health foodies to skip processed sugar , however, dates can be very high in natural sugar. If you're wanting to reduce your sugar intake and get some bonus health benefits too, nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge says it might be time to consider the antioxidant-rich prune. Here's why. Yes, even natural sugar is still sugar.

Dates, figs and prunes have several things in common. They are all fruits we often eat dried. They all likely originate in the Middle East or Mediterranean. And they all have surprising secret health benefits. Dates have been eaten for over 4, years.

These fruits belong to the plum family and they are usually sold in the form of dried fruits. Many studies concluded that regular consumption of these fruits may help slow the development of this condition. Diabetes, usually referred to by healthcare professionals as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic conditions in which the patient has high blood sugar levels. A large proportion of diabetes cases can be prevented by regular physical exercise, healthy diet low in saturated- and trans-fat , avoiding tobacco use, and maintaining healthy body weight. Dried plums contain lots of dietary fiber, that is slow to digest. Slower digestion actually means that your appetite stays satisfied for longer. It is the 3rd most frequent form of cancer in the US.

Prunes: Are They The Same? Looking the for the difference between dates and prunes? Wondering how they compare nutritionally? You're in the right place! Although they are somewhat similar looking, dates and prunes are actually completely different fruits. They come from completely different plants, have different flavor profiles, and slightly different nutritional properties.

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  1. In fact, prunes are often called dried plums now, in an attempt to rid the food item of its negative, old-people connotations.

  2. Jul 9, Dates and prunes – let us check out the difference between these two semi- bizarre fruits. Definitions: Date: The oblong, fleshy fruit of the date.

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