Pros and cons of cupping

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What Is Cupping and Should You Try It?

pros and cons of cupping

Cupping is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that aims to improve the People with these conditions should discuss the pros and cons of.

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Athletes may want to try this ancient treatment to help heal soreness and ease muscle aches. But it can be a real drag when aches and pains start to interfere with your ability to get through daily workouts with your Aaptiv app. Instead of turning to traditional medications or painkillers, you may be curious about trying alternative treatments. Cupping, a Chinese treatment that has been around for centuries, really went mainstream after the Summer Olympics. During the Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps had purple suction marks from cupping on his back. Phelps swears by cupping as a way to deal with soreness and pain during training and competition. The marks from cupping may look intimidating at first, but they are actually just the result of suction on your skin, explains Kristen Carson, co-owner of Trinity Wellness Centre in Calgary, Canada.

Never miss a great news story! Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. The therapy, which has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine and the unani system, involves placing small cups, often heated, on the body part that needs healing. A partial vacuum is created inside the cups and when these are lifted after a few minutes, it sucks out disease-causing fluids and energy qi , resulting in localized healing. There's no scientific proof on the efficacy of cupping but that hardly gets in the way of its popularity.

Anyone who has ever spent a considerable amount of time in the gym has developed their own fair share of bumps, bruises, aches, and pains. However, a new form of recovery therapy has started to catch fire -- one whose beginnings started over years ago! Cupping is an alternative form of non-pharmaceutical therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, most frequently used as an adjunct therapy to conventional medicine. The increase in blood flow to the cupped areas of the body are believed to help relieve muscle tension and support cellular repair. It may also help develop and fortify connective tissue and encourage the formation of new blood vessels, which further enhances circulation throughout the body. Cupping has been practiced for thousands of years, some accounts even go as far back as BC! In the early days, animal horns were used, and as time passed, the horns were replaced by bamboo cups and then ceramic cups.

If you are looking into alternative treatment methods, one method you may have come across before is cupping. What is cupping and is it right for you? Cupping is a particular form of ancient alternative medicine where the treatment physician places a few suction cups on your skin for a couple minutes. This helps to form a mold to the skin, creating the suction which then assists with improving the level of pain in the treatment area, the overall inflammation, the level of blood flow, as well as it helps to promote relaxation. For anyone who is suffering from sports related injuries or just general aches and pains, this practice can help it go away.

Cupping cupping, is a traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy method. Cupping although there are certain benefits to the body, but also can not ignore the negative effect of cupping side effects. By cupping, can be in the body moisture, cold seeps through the skin tissue, thereby eliminating evil, make people full of energy. The main function of microcirculation is to exchange the substance between blood and tissues, and the regulation of its function is important in physiology and pathology. It can also strengthen lymphatic circulation, and the phagocytic ability of lymphocytes is active. In addition, due to their hemolysis after cupping, then generate a variety of histamine substance, the body with the body fluids circulate, stimulate various organs, enhance the function of vitality, which helps the body function recovery.

All you need to know about cupping therapy

It's a method that's been around in Polish culture for a long time, only I've never been subjected to it. Now, I've heard varying opinions regarding the actual medical effectiveness of cupping.

Understanding the pros and cons of cupping therapy is essential in deciding if the practice will benefit you.
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