How to clock in and out at walmart

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how to clock in and out at walmart

Swipe your badge, hit the button that says clock in, then swipe it again for your dinner break, hit clock out for meal, then again for back from.

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View all 4, questions about Walmart. Asked March 15, Answered August 8, Upvote Downvote Report answer. You're able to calculate the hours you work before you even work them as due to a particular application you can get on your phone, or access your schedule at the store itself, which shows you your schedule for the next 3 weeks. It is easy to access any and all information on the time clock. There are ways to request time off, view pay, take courses that are necessary for advancement, and view benefits, etc.

Apr 5, r/walmart: Mostly just Walmart stuff. One of my co workers clocks in and out 10 minutes early every day. He's been at our store for about 8 months and I don't.
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But at least a handful of those workers say they've lost their jobs for insane reasons. One employee claimed she was let go for saving a puppy, while another tried to fight back against the Black Friday masses and lost her job. Walmart fired employees at a Kentucky store who posted a video of themselves throwing and dropping boxes containing iPads in the storeroom, according to NBC News. Walmart supposedly fired four employees who managed to disarm a robber at a Utah store, according to the Consumerist. The thief was allegedly trying to steal a netbook, and when the employees confronted him, he pulled out a handgun.

WALMART EMPLOYEES:How do you clock in and out at wal-mart?

Last month, the National Labor Relations Board charged Wal-Mart with illegally retaliating against workers trying to organize. Wal-Mart says those workers' activities don't deserve legal protection.
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