Uta no prince sama maji love 2000 episode 9

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uta no prince sama maji love 2000 episode 9

Shimmer reacts to Utapri Maji Love Revolutions episode 9

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But before they can call themselves true idols, they must win an award Comedy Drama Romance Slice of Life. STARISH members find themselves on the fast track to fame after a successful debut, but they've got a few things to learn along the way. Saotome quickly informs them that they are not idols until they win THE award. Hijirikawa is encouraged to try out for a musical, but a love scene within the script throws him for a loop

Camus tells everyone that Cecil has gone back to Agnapolis to succeed the throne. Shining appears in as dramatic fashion as ever and tells them that the six of them have been nominated for the Uta Pri award. Uta Pri award people show up and announce the nominations for the award. Well, that problem was sorted out pretty quickly. Looks like Quartet Night have well and truly taken a backseat to everything as the anime introduces some more rivals in Heavens. But nonetheless still very much interested in what they can offer. I found it unrealistic that Cecil was able to convince the king so fast and get permission to stay.

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Last week I shared season 1 of Uta no Prince-sama in its entirety the story continues in season 2! Four new characters are introduced, members of the idol unit Quartet Night. Again, the incredible dance that plays at the beginning of the first episode should be all the convincing one needs to enjoy this one fully.
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Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. He was fun to watch imo for being a troll fun guy. One thing I did like is how Nanami tries really hard with the piano which turned out to be same tune as the ED song.

Post a Comment. Pages Home About Archive. You get a heart-shaped sparkle! And you! Everybody's getting a heart-shaped sparkle! With the way last week's episode ended, I thought that the show was going to spend some time angsting about this, with Cecil probably having a drawn-out argument with his dad about becoming an idol. I was excited to get more information about Agnapolis, assuming that Haruka and the harem would probably have to go there to help Cecil with his argument or something.

Uta no?Prince-samad Maji Love 2000% Episode 9 Discussion

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We Are Starish

To be honest I had a lot of faith in episode seven for UtaPri because I really thought angsty Ranmaru was going to get somewhere. The basic gist of the episode breaks down into Ranmaru trying to give up rock and roll for his idol career because he feels that he needs to focus most, if not all, of his energies on his idol life versus his rock and roll life. While idols can have a lot of poppy and peppy songs, he can still go for rock and roll every once in a while. Ranmaru why. And your shower scene was so hot as well.



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  1. It was quite nice to see that they had so much faith in Cecil that he would return since they knew how much he wanted to be part of their group after having sung with them last week.

  2. On June 27, , following the broadcast of the last episode of the third season, the ending message revealed that a fourth season has been confirmed.

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