Jacking it in san diego south park episode

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jacking it in san diego south park episode

Eric Cartman Song d Minorities at my Water Park d lyrics karaoke - South Park

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South Park returned on Wednesday night to satire both Invisible Children's Kony viral video, Jason Russell's publish meltdown, and the new documentary Bullying in the fifth episode of the show's sixteenth season. While Butter's struggles to confront his bullying grandmother, Stan's rise to fame thanks to an anti-bullying film he writes and directs leads to disastrous but hilarious results. Watch the full episode here. The episode opens on the boys eating lunch in the school cafeteria, where Cartman is holding forth on the degeneration of popular music. He claims that female singers have gone from writing songs about relationships to simply strumming a guitar and singing about their vajayjays.

When Butters 's schoolmates see him with a black eye, they learn that it was the work of a bully who stole his lunch money for the third day in a row. Stan and Kyle urge Butters to talk to his family, including his grandmother - Grandma Stotch -, whom they mention is visiting him this week. However, his grandmother turns out to be the one who bullies him. Eventually, someone secretly contacts Bucky Bailey , an anti-bullying counselor from Bully Buckers, to come to the school. Bailey bullies Mr. Mackey into calling for an assembly, at which he proposes that the students make an anti-bullying video.

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Jackin' It In San Diego - Video Clip | South Park Studios

I'm telling you, music videos have evolved to nothing but pretty girls wearing skin-tight clothes and singing about their vajayjays. - The episode satirizes the director Jason Russell , the film Bully , and the anti-bullying movement.

Apr 12, The creators of Comedy Central's hit cartoon "South Park" have skewered celebrities like Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, John Travolta, Steven.
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  1. "Butterballs" is the fifth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated sitcom South made himself the focus of the video and cautions him not to end up "naked and jacking it in San Diego", Nicholson also enjoyed Stan's nude dance in San Diego, not knowing it was a reference to the Jason Russell scandal .

  2. Stan breaks down and heads to San Diego to let off some steam. From Season 16 Episode 05, Butterballs.

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