Fan stays on after car turned off ford focus

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Fan staying on while engine is off?

fan stays on after car turned off ford focus

Ford Focus radiator staying on after turing off car. Close. 4 Hey guys, so today my battery died because the radiator wouldn't go off after I turned off the car. I had to So by 'Radiator' I'm going to assume you mean electric cooling fan. This is.

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By hawker , June 11, in Ford Focus Club. The engine fan on my 1.
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Ford Fiesta - Engine is off but some other motor is on. Yesterday I had one of the most strange experience with my Fiesta, after reaching home I removed the keys from my car, however there was some motor which was still spinning, it could not be the AC as the fan and AC were switched off. I had a car parked in the front and hence I was not able to open and check which motor was it. I restarted my engine and the noise stopped and I did not have the problem again. Has anyone experienced this problem before

Fan runs If I turn the car on and the heater fan at the dash is off How is that connected. Is it a relay or are we in to computer stuff? I think I've used the AC once or twice this season and it worked fine The dome lights in my Focus will not operate when opening a locked car.

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Ford Focus radiation cooling fan runs all the time when the vehicle is turned on

Cooling fan stays on too long

My engine cooling fan stays on for at least 15 minutes after I park, and it's very loud. I can hear it from a few feet away. How serious of a problem is this? However, if the fan is running for an extended period, the fan itself can become damaged due to overuse. These fans are designed to only cycle on and off when needed, and running continuously will shorten its lifespan.

FordNut answered 4 years ago. Sometimes, but not for long. If the fan is still running after a minute or 3 there may be a problem, but if only a short time no worries. GuruT98JK answered about a year ago. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it but that did not help. Car got stuck on ice on a hill and I tried to get off of it, but the whole road was covered, we just got hit with a weird winter advisory.

Honda Accord Cooling Fan Stays On Running When Car is Shut Off - Bundys Garage

Jul 20, I noticed the other day that after I turned my car off the rad fans (AC Fans?) long the controller, ECU, stays active after the ignition is turned off.
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