I m in my moms car vroom vroom

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i m in my moms car vroom vroom

I'm In My Mums Car - Vine

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Vine has already produced a roster of budding comedy stars who are getting their own - some already with ad deals from major brands - but Tish Simmonds, a British teenager with a few seemingly unexceptional skits, may be of the form's first unintentional celebrities i. If you've been online this week stumbling upon one of the many Many remixes of her without knowledge of it's context, hopefully this helps. Here is the one that started it all, the Vine that the internet reapportioned into the apex of anti-humor:. It should be noted that the original was taken down - though Tish still holds a Vine account - and that the above is a copy. This is probably because of the wave of attention that hit her, and a small but inevitably unavoidable percentage cyberbullied her into just pulling it. Evidenced by: her responding to her hecklers and haters:.

I tend to be late to popular trends.
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When Tish Simmonds hopped in the driver's seat of her mum's car and filmed herself saying, 'I'm in my mum's car, broom broom', she had no idea those six seconds would change her life forever. The vine was viewed millions of times and has even been referenced by the likes of Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian. In the five years since she shared the video with the world, Tish has used her social media stardom for good, touring the country to attend charity events and releasing two charity singles. Her vine has also been remixed countless times the DJ Swoon Trap remix is particularly good. Oh, and she also fought and defeated the Wealdstone Raider, again at a charity event

The video quickly went viral and spawned a series of remix videos, mostly due to the awkward, sing-songy manner in which she delivers the quote, combined with her strong Yorkshire accent. Within two weeks, the video gained over , likes and 16, comments. On July 22nd, , Simmonds tweeted that she would not be making anymore Vines after being bullied for the videos shown below. The same day, YouTuber SalemKhazili uploaded a house music remix of the video, garnering upwards of , views and comments in the first week. On July 25th, Viner Allison Asdfghjkl uploaded an edited version of the clip featuring a horrific car accident shown below.

Tish From ĎIím In My Mumís Carí Vine Is Making A Documentary About Her Life






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