Ricki lake husband christian evans

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Ricki Lake on Trying to Find Love After Her Late Ex-Husband: 'Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice'

ricki lake husband christian evans

ex-wife Ricki Lake announced the life of Christian Evans had been cut tragically short, revealing that he had succumbed to his lifelong struggle with bipolar.


By Francesca Bacardi. Ricki Lake knows how lucky she was to have the love she had with her ex-husband, Christian Evans. Evans died by suicide at age 45 after a long battle with bipolar disorder. Lake said Evans was upfront about his mental health issues. Read Next. Kardashian fans haven't forgotten Tristan Thompson's cheat

The actress and former talk show host is hopeful that sharing their story might help others who are struggling. Married to jewelry designer Christian Evans in April , the actress and former talk show host was devastated to learn that he had taken his life on Feb. That was him finally owning it. That was him giving me permission to tell his story. He was so charismatic. Married in April , the two settled into their life together.

Ricki Lake revealed she'd found a 'brilliant new love' following her late husband's tragic death two years ago. American actress Ricki Lake has revealed she's found love again following her late husband's death. Nearly two years after her partner Christian Evans tragically died by suicide in , Ricki told People magazine she's found a "brilliant new love". We met through a mutual friend". The Hairspray star's confession comes after she shared beaming a picture with her new man days earlier, and wrote: "This is what happy looks like".

Lake revealed that while she's open to finding love, she's doubtful that it will happen. Ricki Lake knows the love she had with her late ex-husband Christian Evans was very rare. The couple began dating in September At the time, Lake said she had given up on the idea of happily ever after. There was not a phony bone in his body. Despite their separation, Lake was still supportive of her ex-husband.

In a post on social media Tuesday afternoon, the former talk-show host confirmed the death of Christian Evans. For anyone who has ever lost a family member or friend to mental illness, my heart goes out to you. She continued, "I am a greater person for having known him and spent the past 6 and a half years of my life with him. Celebrity Deaths: 's Fallen Stars. When their romance first began, Ricki couldn't help but express her happiness at the special man she met. He's a nobody but he's somebody to me," she explained to People. As those closest to Christian grieve in private, Ricki concluded her post with a thoughtful tribute.

Ricki Lake ‘hoping to find love again’ after ex-husband’s death

Ricki Lake reveals she's 'found love again' two years after late husband's suicide

But the life of Christian Evans was cut tragically short, with it revealed that he had succumbed to his lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder. Born in in California, United States, he struggled with bipolar disorder throughout his life. Describing himself as a "spiritually enlightened soul" on Twitter, the designer was also working on a movement to help the homeless in Los Angeles before his tragic death. All other problems melt away. They announced that they would be divorcing in , citing "irreconcilable differences", eonline reported. Evans wrote on Twitter at the time, saying it was one of the "most upsetting days of my life".



Mar 1, Ricki Lake Reveals Her Ex-Husband Died by Suicide amid Battle with Bipolar Married to jewelry designer Christian Evans in April , the.
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