Price of a tomahawk missile

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How Much Do Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Cost? A Receipt for Trump’s Syria Attack

price of a tomahawk missile

The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) is a long-range, all-weather, jet- powered, subsonic . Raytheon estimates adding the new seeker would cost $, per missile. Other upgrades include a sea-skimming flight path. The first Block.


Each Tomahawk missile, made by Raytheon Co. The U. Raytheon referred questions around costs to the U. The missiles used on Thursday likely cost the U. Tomahawks can be launched from a ship or a submarine. Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea, according to reports.

The Trump government has launched 59 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian military airfield, which represents one of the most direct responses we've seen to the Bashar al-Assad regime. That sounds pretty costly, but in military terms the "Tactical Tomahawk Cruise Missile" is a relatively battle-proven weapon with origins that stretch back to the s. Designed to be deployed from the sea — either shot out of the torpedo tubes of submarines or fired from the decks of battleships — the Tomahawk is a long-range weapon that can hit targets without endangering the firer's life. Depending on the type of fuel used in the missile, it has an operating range of up to 2, km, which means after firing it would take the Tomahawk just under three hours to reach a target at the end of its range. One single missile weighs a staggering kg, is six metres long and usually carries a kg warhead designed to deliver precise but devastating damage. While the Tomahawk isn't as devastating as some of the missiles carried on-board manned aircraft, it is typically used when Western nations want a long-range weapon that can be fired from safe territory. The missiles were first deployed in during the Gulf War, and have been in service — albeit with costly tech upgrades — ever since.

It was designed and initially produced in the s by General Dynamics as a medium- to long-range, low-altitude missile that could be launched from a surface platform. The missile's modular design accommodates a wide variety of warhead , guidance, and range capabilities. At least six variants and multiple upgraded versions have been introduced since then, including air-, sub-, and ground-launched variants and conventional and nuclear-armed ones. As of , only non-nuclear, sea-launched variants are currently in service. The U. Since then, it has been upgraded several times with guidance systems for precision navigation. It is now manufactured by Raytheon.

Here's how much 59 Tomahawk missiles cost

Cruise Missiles: The Million-Dollar Weapon

Block IV Tomahawk is the current generation of the Tomahawk family of cruise missiles. Britain has also bought Tomahawk missiles, and launches them exclusively from submarines. Block IV is the latest variant. It adds innovative technologies that improve combat flexibility, while dramatically reducing the costs to buy, operate, and support these missiles. Once on target the missile can fly a direct horizontal attack mode, trigger preprogrammed detonation above the target, or use a pop-up and dive maneuver. CEP is often described as being about 10 meters.

In the opening days of the assault on Libya, the United States and the United Kingdom launched a barrage of at least Tomahawk cruise missiles to flatten Moammar Gadhafi's air defenses and pave the way for coalition aircraft. In fiscal terms, at a time when Congress is fighting over every dollar, the cruise missile show of military might was an expenditure of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. Raytheon Corp. During a decade of war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya, the Pentagon has increasingly relied on the Tomahawk. The foot missile is particularly attractive for the military in current conflicts because it can be launched from submarines and surface ships at a safe distance and can be used to take out air-defense systems that could pose a threat to manned aircraft. William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation and author of the book Prophets of War , said the use of the Tomahawk helps explain, in part, the high cost of the operations in Libya.

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Tomahawk (missile)

For whatever reason, the US-led coalition thought it was a good idea to get revenge against Syria for an alleged gas-attack by blowing up any hypothetical evidence that might have proven the Syrian government was behind said gas-attack. The other part of the price is mostly really expensive bombs. But all of this math is just a fun thought experiment. Where would that leave the shareholders? Think about it.

The Tomahawk cruise missile is ideally suited for critical long-range, precision-strike missions against high-value targets. Tomahawks are a key weapon in the US military and are highly accurate. The intermediate-range cruise missiles have a range of about miles to miles and are equipped with a pound conventional warhead. They are fired from sea and travel relatively low to the ground to avoid radar detection. Guided by an advanced navigation system, they can be steered to their targets from afar. The missiles were first used with great effect against Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein in the Operation Desert Storm mission.





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