When is rookie blue back on uk tv 2017

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Rookie Blue Season 7: What Would Have Happened

when is rookie blue back on uk tv 2017

UK Air Dates Archive UK Air Dates Archive UK Air Dates Rookie Blue. Rookie Blue. Canadian police drama about the rookie cops of 15 division. Season 4 Universal Channel 14th July at 9pm . andy and sam get back toghter in season 5 but we will see. dov and chloe should.

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Rookie Blue was cancelled after the end of its sixth season on ABC. There will not be a seventh season for fans to enjoy. However, there were plans for season seven already in place for the series that starred Missy Peregrym. Sherry White spoke about her plans for season seven of Rookie Blue. She was taking over the series as showrunner from Tassie Cameron.

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Another year is now upon us, and while Rookie Blue may still be officially over and gone, The TV Junkies have some good news for fans of the Canadian cop drama. The good news is we no longer have to speculate, and now finally have an idea of what another season would have looked like. So take a deep breath Rookie Blue fans, and read on for all the details. The TV Junkies: Would there have been any kind of time jump after the finale or would we have picked up immediately where Season 6 left off? Sherry White: Yes, the new season was going to start about six months later. So when the series was to restart, Sam and Andy had been married for six months, and a new batch of Rookies were starting out at 15 division.

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