Lethal weapon season 3 finale

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Lethal Weapon: Season 3 Ends On An Explosive High-Note

lethal weapon season 3 finale

Why was Lethal Weapon cancelled?

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This sentiment echoes the one Miller made himself during the Television Critics Association press tour earlier this month. What do you need? And I can say that for myself. He has come to work with a smile. And the amount of stunts that we do in the amount of time that we have is really, really grueling. And all of this moot if the show does not get renewed for Season 4, which is a decision that has yet to be made and will come after Fox has weighed many factors, including ratings.

It is assumed you have already viewed the episode. If you have not, it is recommended you do so. How could this Third Season not die a quick death? The Season 3 Finale opens to find its main characters in dire straights; even more so than usual. With mere moments remaining, Wesley Cole Seann William Scott is desperately trying to defuse this explosive situation. With desperate seconds to spare, Cole and the bride jump out of one of the high-rise windows.

By Dino-Ray Ramos. In fact, it was more of a huge cliffhanger that informs what could happen in season 4. That said, the finale ended with a bang and left the door open for the possibility of a game-changing season 4. Whether or not Wayans would stay put is another question, but based on the episode, it would be nice to see him if the show is renewed — and Miller agrees. The problem is, Natalie is nowhere to be seen. Cut to Murtaugh being wheeled out of a high-rise on a stretcher and Natalie looking gorgeous in her wedding gown — and its accessorized with a bomb.

“Lethal Weapon” has wrapped its episode third season, capping off what is inarguably a less dramatic run than the one the Fox series saw.
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After all, in October , Wayans surprised fans and some behind-the-scenes folks by announcing he would leave the series that December, citing age and his diabetes as reasons. Weeks later, Lethal got an order for an additional two episodes , and production made accommodations including special diabetic meals for Wayans to ensure he would finish out the season. Cut to a high-rise building, where EMTs are wheeling out Roger on a stretcher, and Natalie — dressed in her white gown — is strapped to a bomb on a high floor. To safety? Their deaths? Not long after, Cole meets up with his old CIA colleague Barnes and says that he wants back in on the borderline shady work they used to do. Natalie goes boom.

Lethal Weapon cancellation after season 3 was "tough", says Fox boss

That conflict, which had begun to spill into public view on their respective social media accounts, appeared to be resolved in May, when producer Warner Bros. But interviews with 31 people who worked on the series and spoke anonymously with Variety — not to mention a pair of never-before-seen on-set videos — reveal the full extent of the animosity between Crawford and Wayans.

'Lethal Weapon' Season 3, Episode 15 recap: is Damon Wayans leaving the Fox series? Find out in our rundown of the finale.
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