Madonna whos that girl tour

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Who's That Girl Tour - Schedule

madonna whos that girl tour

Who's That Girl World Tour was the second concert tour by American singer and songwriter Madonna. The tour supported her third studio album True Blue, .

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Madonna suprised the world with extravangant clothes and accessories and a selection of songs from her first three albums in a heartfelt show that was broadcasted worldwide live from Torino , Italy on September 4, a show that later combined with footage from the other Italian show in Florence and bits from Tokyo , became the famous VHS tour souvenir Ciao Italia. During this performance Madonna dedicated the beautiful ballad Live to Tell to her late friend Martin Burgoyne. Burgoyne, a friend since her early struggling days in New York, died of Aids in Donna and Niki worked with Madonna for the first time on this tour. The costumes of this tour were designed by Marlene Stewart that has worked many times with Madonna helping her to create her looks in many of her videos as well as in other tours. While working on her own clothing label called Covers , she met a young Madonna and helped her with costumes for her Virgin Tour.

Madonna performed for 73, fans during the show. She commented,. What have I created? You know what I mean.? The Look Of Love was written, produced and recorded by Madonna and Patrick Leonard during the second of a three-day studio session, with the title track of the soundtrack being written and recorded on the first day. Additional musicians were brought in for overdubs and mixing was completed for both tracks by the end of the third day. In a interview with ICON magazine, background vocalist Niki Haris expressed fond memories of performing the track with Madonna during the tour:.

You were there? Tell us about it! In total, Madonna performed for , The heat was stifling that night and Madonna drove her Do you guys walk around naked?

The tour was a major sucess, and technically it was far superior than her previous tour, incorporating more musicians on stage, more dancers and plenty of state-of-the-art multimedia screens, which helped bring the show a more theatrical feeling. Paul Civic Center, St. Opening act: Level You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The tour supported her third studio album True Blue , as well as the soundtrack Who's That Girl. Musically and technically superior to her previous initiative , the Who's That Girl Tour incorporated multimedia components to make the show more appealing. Madonna trained physically doing aerobics, jogging and weight-lifting, to cope with the choreography and the dance routines. For the costumes, she collaborated with designer Marlene Stewart, expanding on the idea of bringing her popular video characters to life onstage, reworking scenes from her music videos. The stage had four video screens, multimedia projectors and a flight of stairs in the middle. Patrick Leonard , who was the music director, encouraged Madonna to go with the idea of remixing and presenting her older songs for the show. The title Who's That Girl came to Madonna's mind when during rehearsals one-day when she looked at a gigantic image of herself, projected on a screen on the stage.

Who's That Girl World Tour



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