A magical christmas tree at galeries lafayette in paris

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Inauguration of Paris Galeries Lafayette Christmas Window and tree with Jessica Chastain

a magical christmas tree at galeries lafayette in paris

Beautiful Grand Christmas Tree at Galeries Lafayette in Paris

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We spent a few hours admiring this department store with several buildings to form the one store. This consists of a myriad of boutiques, shops, cafes and brands. My favourite during the Christmas season is the tree display, this year it was a spectacular, gigantic, tree surrounded by an abundance of balloons and giant candy shapes made from mylar foil, all scattered around under the Dome building on the ground floor with all the makeup and perfume brands. The best views are on the top floor of the dome. At various times through out the day the foil wrapped candy shapes move around the dome with lights and music surrounding the tree.

Glittering against the dazzling backdrop of the art-nouveau architecture, the Galeries Lafayette Christmas tree is a sight to behold in of itself and makes a wander into the iconic department store well worth it…. The winter wonderland display instore came complete with paper ski lifts traversing to and from the tree, as well as paper creations of bears, trees and other arctic animals. The entire central tree was made entirely from paper for the very first time and created by Lorenzo Papace, a French artist born in Lyon in The tree was created from candy, balloons and plenty of fun, making it well worth a look! Sophie Nadeau loves dogs, books, Paris, pizza, and history, though not necessarily in that order. A fan of all things France related, she runs www.

I haven't had the chance to see the Printemps windows yet this year Burberry took over the department store , but the tree inside the Galeries Lafayette is quite a sight. Don't miss it if you're coming to Paris. You can have a look at last year's windows here and for those of you who won't be able to come to Paris this year, I'll take a few photos in the following days and post them here.
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I love the city, the photos you have posted here, many of your stories, the information you provide. I plan to visit again in May. Still—Is this newsletter completely disconnected from reality? I see no mention at all of the recent attacks. No tributes, no memorials, no acknowledgment of the tragedies. Why not?

Christmas in Paris: The Magical Decorations at Galeries Lafayette

Fairy Christmas in Paris

During Christmas season, the city of lights truly lives up to its name. The magic of Christmas takes hold of the capital a few weeks before the holidays and until mid of January with its monuments and streets bearing their festive glittery costumes and giving the bystander the pleasure of an unforgettable sight. Note that the illuminations are designed to consume the minimum possible amount of energy. Originally, the Galeries Lafayette started illuminating their facade in for specific events. As of , the Galeries Lafayette will systematically set a theme and get talented designers and creators such as Raymond Peynet, Albert Dubout, Jean Effel, Pierre Pothier and many others, to unleash their imagination and talent to produce breathtaking installations to shine in the store and in the windows. In November, Galeries Lafayette unveils the new theme for the Christmas season to come and invites an artist to come and launch the illuminations.

For a contest, kids from 5 to 11 years old could draw their Christmas heroes and the most beautiful drawings have been transformed into cuddle toys and set in wonderful windows. All in all 11 toys will enliven magical scenes in Galeries windowns: the gift shop, Father Christmas' village, Christmas Eve dinner, lights. And the magic also touches the inside of the store with a fantastic Christmas tree that will light up every 30 minutes for a magical moment! The inaiguration of the Galeries Lafayette windows has been held this Wednesday November 7 with Jessica Chastain , Swiss clockmaker and jeweler Piaget ambassador. Opening Time From 27 October to 6 January



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  1. Christmas in Paris: when the capital shines to its brightest. During Christmas season, the city of lights truly lives up to its name. The magic of.

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