My baby heart rate is 160 boy or girl

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my baby heart rate is 160 boy or girl

My beautiful boy's heart beat.


Sara Ipatenco has taught writing, health and nutrition. She started writing in and has been published in Teaching Tolerance magazine. Ipatenco holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Denver. Boy or girl? It's perhaps the most common question asked of pregnant women, and many a pregnant woman looks forward to learning the sex of her baby with almost as much anticipation as her due date.

Monitoring the heart helps your health care provider know how your baby is doing. A provider may do fetal heart monitoring later in pregnancy and during labor. As the baby responds to different conditions in the uterus, the heart rate can change. There are two different methods of fetal heart monitoring :. Monitoring helps look for potential problems and check on the health of the baby. It is especially beneficial if a woman has a high-risk pregnancy. Some factors can make fetal heart monitoring less accurate, which include:.

The medical literature is rife with all sorts of claims about unusual ways to predict the sex of an unborn baby. One that has been around for decades, and has even gained some acceptance, is the idea that fetal heartbeat is faster among girls. Rates above beats per minute, it is said, are typical for girls; below that, look for a boy. How this belief came about is not entirely clear, but studies that have looked into it over the years have traced it to folklore. They have also found that the belief holds little water. Typically, the embryonic heart rate starts out at about 85 beats per minute and then accelerates roughly 3 beats per minute each day during the first month. After the rate reaches an average of about beats per minute, studies show, the acceleration reverses; by the middle of pregnancy , the rate averages to beats per minute.

By Linda Geddes. Deciding whether or not to find out the sex of our unborn child was a dilemma that plagued us for weeks. Would it spoil the surprise? Even without getting a definitive ultrasound examination to tell us the sex, there are any number of folklore prediction methods — but is there any science behind them? In , researchers analysed records of women admitted to hospital in Sweden with pregnancy sickness and found that

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From what I know, lower than is boy. It's been dead on with all three of mine. Son was average, first daughter was average and now this girl is ! It is just a myth, but time will tell! Gl and let us know! So im right on the line of

Heartbeat 160BPM - boy or girl?

What Is The Fetal Heart Rate For Girl Or Boy?

Can a baby's heartbeat predict their sex?

Toggle navigation. Categories Latest Sign in. Sep 18, AM in Pregnancy. I've heard that a high heartbeat rate indicates a baby girl. At my antenatal appointment this morning my little one's heartbeat was between beats per minute so I'm thinking it's a girl. What do you think?



Are You Listening? Your Baby's Heartbeat Speaks Volumes.



And as a woman who's pregnant with either a boy or a girl gets closer to Fact: A normal fetal heart rate is between and beats per minute (bpm).
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