Galaxy s8 moisture in charging port

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Galaxy S8 moisture detected error, won’t charge due to moisture detected error, other issues

galaxy s8 moisture in charging port

Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 Moisture Detected In Charging Port - Fix( Please Share!)


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Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an IP68 certification which means that the phone is dust proof and water proof There are instances when water related issues can occur on the device.
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One error that is not too common among users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the moist port issue. This issue can arise even if your Samsung Galaxy S8 has never come into contact with water or liquid of any kind. Luckily, we have a guide that should solve this uncommon yet annoying issue. The moisture in the port problem is something that is experienced across several Samsung devices. The main reason why this notification will pop up on your phone is obvious — your USB port has gotten wet somehow. Samsung devices are all equipped with a moisture sensor. This is a safety precaution as plugging in your device while it is wet can be a dangerous situation for obvious reasons.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Moisture Error Solved


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