Anthony bourdain cajun mardi gras

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Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Cajun Mardi Gras’ Episode Airs Sunday Night on CNN

anthony bourdain cajun mardi gras

A guide to the southern Louisiana restaurants featured during Anthony Bourdain's visit to Cajun country, plus notes on the best moments of the.

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When news of his death hit, we were rocked. He was our inspiration; we mourned and remembered him along with this large base of fans, friends, and admirers. At the time, we assumed we had written our final recap of his work. Then, CNN decided to release the remaining three installments of season 11 of Parts Unknown , along with several tributes to the influential traveler, TV host, author, and chef. As CNN airs these episodes, our recaps will go on. We'll follow him as long as we can. He made the pilgrimage to southern Louisiana , also known as Cajun Country, to celebrate Cajun Mardi Gras—a tradition dating back to medieval France that's a far cry from New Orlean's bead-filled extravaganza.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. Title: Cajun Mardi Gras 17 Jun Far from the beaded revelries and parades of New Orleans, Anthony Bourdain travels to Cajun Country in southern Louisiana to sample Creole and Cajun food and participate in a traditional Cajun "chicken run", dressed in a colorful costume.

And music , always music. There are parts of America that are special, unique, unlike anywhere else. Cultures all their own, kept close, much loved but largely misunderstood. The vast patchwork of saltwater marshes, bayous, and prairie land that make up Cajun country is one of those places. While the rest of the USA got stitched together by superhighways, southwestern Louisiana remained relatively isolated. With that came chain restaurants, drive-throughs, and strip malls. Take, for example, Cajun Mardi Gras.

He had this way of making you want to go to exotic lands that you never before considered. We then went on another fascinating journey with Bourdain as he glided through a part of Louisiana that remains steeped in classic traditions yet is largely unknown to most outsiders. Cajun Mardi Gras is a one-day celebration that occurs every year on the day before Ash Wednesday. Then the party headed back to town, where all the local businesses have boarded up their windows to protect their property from the ensuing festivities. And whether it was the food, the injuries, the people or the vibe, Bourdain perfectly captured Cajun Mardi Gras and made you glad that he, and not us, was there to see it in person. More from Yahoo Entertainment:.

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