Javascript to stop html5 video playback on modal window close

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How to pause a video/audio when modal windows is closed

javascript to stop html5 video playback on modal window close

Click Outside Close Menu Box JavaScript CSS HTML Tutorial


When you close the modal, the audio from the video is still playing. Does anyone know how to stop a video from playing after you close a modal that contains it? Would really appreciate the help. To insert a video to Video Widget in Webflow simply click the video, go to settings panel and paste the link to the video on youtube. This is the code you should have. Find a difference between this one, yours and the one I placed above.

I have four modal windows on this page The issue I'm noticing is that if you start to play a video and close it before it finishes the video is still playing in the background, with the modal window closed. I've researched some methods of stopping the video but can't seem to get any of my changes to apply. I would love to know what I'm doing wrong here. With a lot of modal window javascript solutions, when the window closes, the HTML is actually removed from the page, this in essence removes the video itself so it no longer plays.

I searched all over the internet for an answer for this question. none worked for me except this code. Guaranteed. It work perfectly. $('body').on('' .
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The ModalDialog component is part of Video. Aside from the built-in Video. We'll demonstrate both approaches in this document by creating a modal that opens when the player becomes paused and resumes playback when it is closed. The createModal method is intended for creating one-off modals that need to open for some temporary purpose. Therefore, they open themselves immediately upon creation and, by default, dispose themselves immediately upon closing. The createModal method also takes a second argument - an object containing options for the modal.

How to stop html5 video when closing its inline popup, cross-browser

I have made a personal website with numerous modals that include youtube videos. Unfortunately when the modal is closed, the youtube video continues to play i. Hoping someone can help with script to prevent this.

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I have a YouTube video inside a modal window and it plays fine. But when the video is playing and I close the modal window the video keeps playing on the background. You'll want to check the documentation for the modal you're using and look for an event that goes off when the modal is being closed. Then write an event handler for that event inside of which you'll put the code which pauses the youtube video. I used the example that they have here. Even though the modal doesn't use js I don't think you can avoid it here in order to interact with the youtube video. I think what you'll have to do now is have a click handler for that "X".

Last post May 09, AM by roopeshreddy. All is working as it should, except for a small bug that i don't know how to deal with it. When i click a link to popup a video, it works fine, but when i close the pop up window, the video is still running in the background. As per being a newbie, i can't actually find where is the section that closes the popup window :S so i dunno where to put the. Considering that i am linking to the following :. The links which you provided are the default jQuery links! The code for closing the modal dialog won't be there!

A protip by carlosagile about jquery, bootstrap, html5, and modal. contained in a bootstrap-modal to prevent further hearing when the modal window is closed. $'custom'); $('#'+modal).modal('hide'); // check tag html5 for video and audio. if Javascript Tips to Beat the DOM Into Submission.
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General Discussion. I can't seem to get my videos to stop after closing the screen using the X or when I click out side of the modal window. It just keeps playing in the background. I think I might know the problem that I can't find my id for my video player Any help would be appreciated. Alright, based on StackOverflow, it looks like on. Maybe that's the root of the problem?

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  2. I'm using the following trick to stop HTML5 video. pause() the video on modal close and set currentTime = 0; var video = document.

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