Bernie sanders net worth 2018

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How Bernie Sanders, The Socialist Senator, Amassed A $2.5 Million Fortune

bernie sanders net worth 2018

Ever wonder what political heavy-hitter Bernie Sanders is worth? Compared to the current president (who boasts a net worth of an astounding $ . In fact, a July Rasmussen poll revealed that 73% of Democrats want a younger.

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Access insights and guidance from our Wall Street pros. Find the product that's right for you. The presidential campaign won't be leaving our memories anytime soon -- in fact, it is probably forever burned into them whether we like it or not. But, despite coming in a proverbial "third" in the race for the presidency, Bernie Sanders has managed to stay in the headlines. Whether it be taking to Twitter to disapprove of CEOs or persistently supporting the democratic party, Sanders has managed to keep in the public eye. And with the supporter base and funding from small donors to stay in the race for some time, he doesn't look to leave the public eye anytime soon. But what is the political heavy-hitter who has consistently espoused democratic-socialist policies actually worth?

Sanders, who acknowledged his seven-digit status last week, is one of an estimated He has said the country is owned and controlled by a small number of billionaires whose greed has torn the fabric of society and because of them, the U. In any event, that the U.
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Bernie Sanders, who ran for president back in , recently jumped back on the campaign trail to join the race for But how much has Sanders earned from his hard-working career? Senate members in terms of minimum net worth. Sanders has been a Vermont U. The reviews of the book were a bit mixed , but it ultimately added a lot to his net worth.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had a surprisingly good financial year in While the Democratic socialist was warning against the concentration of wealth in the hands of " the top 1 percent , " he was also joining their ranks. That would place Sanders — whose website says that "the issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time" — in the unusual position of being among the top 1 percent of earners in the U. Just how much do you have to pull in to join the champion of the working class in the 1 percent club? That means, in , "the top 1 percent of families earned Don't miss: Here's how much you have to earn to be considered upper class.

Bernie Sanders, a self-declared Democratic socialist known for his harsh criticism of income inequality in the US, has joined the crowd of presidential candidates. Read more : Calls to 'abolish billionaires' raise eyebrows, but they've been a long time coming. The year-old senator has been known as one of the least wealthy members of Congress. Business Insider reached out to the senator's office for comment on his net worth but did not receive a response by the time of publication. Source : The Street. Source : Congressional Research Service , Politico.

What Is Bernie Sanders' Net Worth?

Since the financial documents have been made public, it is now known that Sanders has a net worth in the millions of dollars. Since his bid for President, Sanders has become increasingly wealthy., But it was. It was the beginning of the s, and he was approaching 40, a single father of a not-quite-teenage son, renting a sparse second-floor apartment and having a hard time keeping up with his bills.

What is Bernie Sanders’ Net Worth?

B ernie Sanders, the democratic socialist senator from Vermont, is a fierce critic of the affluent in America. Since his bid for the Democratic nomination raised his profile in , Sanders has released a book a year. In addition to the books are his government pay and pension accounts. Sanders has collected a six-figure annual salary since he joined Congress in , some of which he and his wife who herself commanded hefty pay as head of now-defunct Burlington College plowed into personal real estate. Then there are his pensions, which are based on income and years of service. Before he was elected to Congress, Sanders ran a small business producing filmstrips on New England history for schools and served as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Unlike most Americans, however, he owns three.



Bernie Sanders’ Net Worth Makes Him a Millionaire





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  1. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has built political prominence but little personal wealth through his years in elected office.

  2. The Democrat made more than $1 million in both and , primarily from book royalties. Here's a look at his net worth and assets.

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