Bhai pinderpal singh katha guru gobind singh ji

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Battle of Bhangani

bhai pinderpal singh katha guru gobind singh ji

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Bichitra Natak , an autobiography generally attributed to Guru Gobind Singh, contains a detailed description of the battle. By the s, the Guru's influence and power had increased greatly. His devotees came from distant places and brought him valuable gifts. A devotee called Duni Chand visited Anandpur in , and presented him a Shamiana a royal canopy or tent embroidered in gold and silver, and was studded with pearls. Ratan Rai, the son of Raja Ram Rai of Assam , visited Anandpur with his mother and several ministers, and presented several gifts to the Guru, including an elephant called Prasadi or Parsadi. In the mids, Guru Gobind Singh ordered the construction of a war drum nagara to enthuse his army.

Katha by Bhai Pinderpal Singh jee. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred.

Missionaries Target Bhai Pinderpal Singh in USA

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Baba ji was a great Sikh scholar who became a soldier and martyr for the defence of Sikhism. Stayed at Anandpur Sahib where he spent about 8 years learning Gurmukhi from Bhai Mani Singh along with the art of horsemanship, archery as well as other arms training. On the outskirts of Amritsar, Baba ji and a group of heavily outnumbered Sikhs fought two fierce battles against a Mughal force of 20, In the second engagement Baba Deep Singh in the course of battle was beheaded, but having vowed to die in the precincts of the Golden Temple. He kept his promise by continuing after picking up his head and carrying it on his palm, whilst continuing to fight.


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