Discover it card balance transfer

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Discover it Balance Transfer Review: A Debt Zapper With Rewards

discover it card balance transfer

Find low rate credit card balance transfer offers with Discover, save money and pay down your transferred balances faster.


Our credit card articles, reviews and ratings maintain strict editorial integrity ; however we may be compensated when you click on or are approved for offers from our partners. How we make money. Not bad for a card with no annual fee. All this and there's no annual fee or foreign transaction fees to worry about eating into those sweet rewards. Now, about the balance transfer part: 18 months is among the longest balance transfer intro periods on the market, so you stand to save some serious dough on interest if you have a balance you need to carry and pay it off over the course of a year and a half. Not to mention, you also can take advantage of six months no interest on purchases made directly on your card.

Balance transfers are a great way to reach your pay down goals. Paying low interest monthly payments can decrease your debt faster and help you achieve more. If your objective is to consolidate, a balance transfer can help. Repay your debt with one monthly payment instead of paying several balances on different due dates. A low rate balance transfer can save you money on interest. When you transfer high interest debt to Discover, you'll lower your APR and reach your savings goals. Enjoy the many benefits of being a cardmember, including a low promo rate balance transfer offer.

Discover Card Help Center. When you request a balance transfer , Discover card makes a payment to your other creditor s. It typically takes 14 days to process balance transfers for new accounts. You should allow additional time for the creditor to receive the funds and credit your other account. Please continue to make payments to your other creditors to avoid late fees. It's best to contact your other creditor s to confirm they have received the balance transfer. The balance transfer may post to your Discover card account at any time within the two-week period.

If you carry a balance on a high interest rate credit card, you may occasionally ask yourself where your money is going. Even though you diligently make payments every month, one day you realize that it will take years to pay off your debt because so much of the payment is going toward interest charges. Transferring a balance to a low-interest card can be a great way to tackle an overwhelming debt. However, despite the apparent simplicity, choosing a balance transfer credit card is not always so straightforward. You will want to consider several factors, including your short- and long-term goals. Many people transfer their high-interest balances for one reason ó to save on interest, thanks to the proliferation of Balance Transfer credit card offers with no or low introductory interest rates. However, there are other reasons why balance transfers can make good sense.

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This page includes information about one or more products not currently available on NerdWallet:. As a result, offers described on this page may be out of date. Alternate Pick: Flat-rate cash back. And if rewards aren't important to you, you can find cards with even longer interest-free windows on balance transfers. Ongoing rewards:.

Balance Transfers Advertiser Disclosure. Considering a balance transfer to a Discover credit card? The editorial content below is based solely on the objective assessment of our writers and is not driven by advertising dollars. However, we may receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners. Learn more about our advertising policy.


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