Solo lucci and alexis sky

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Solo Lucci: I May Be Father Of Alexis Sky Baby . . . NOT FETTY WAP!! (Pics)

solo lucci and alexis sky

Alexis Sky was Instagram famous before she decided to join the cast of ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.’. However, on the show, she had a storyline with Solo Lucci that led people to believe that he could be the real father of baby Alaiya Grace. Fetty Wap, Masika Kalysha, and Alexis.

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Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Jan 4, 1. Update: Solo Lucci responds Cliffs: -Solo Lucci says he just woke up -Says Alexis Skyy is a habitual liar and threatens to show text messages of -Alexis begging him no to run to the internet once the results come in so they can look like mature adults.

Friday, November 02, PM. E-mail to friend. However, he stuck to his gut and claimed that he truly cared about her and just wanted answers. During the taping of the season 5 reunion show two weeks ago, K. Michelle brought the tea back up about who the real father of baby Alaiya. Lucci also proposed putting together a "DNA party" with himself, Alexis, A1 and Lyrica, so they can also find out the paternity of their babies together. Alexis has plagued by these types of paternity rumors of Baby Alaiya for quite a while now though.

Initiating a relationship is easy, but maintaining that connection throughout is the real deal. Solo Lucci, along with his girlfriend Sara, are parents to a beautiful baby boy, Sir Honor. The pair were supposed to "act" as a couple on-screen as per show's demand, but things did not stay confined to the camera. The connection that started out as scripted turned out to be a reality, and Alexis And Solo Lucci started dating each other. She added :. I want to separate myself, become independent, and take care of my child. Even after all the hardships and betrayals, Sara gave another chance to her four-year relationship with Solo Lucci and decided to move to LA to raise their child together.

According to the photos, the test was done sometime around December 20th, He claims Alexis approached him to not reveal the results of the DNA test and felt blindsided when she revealed them herself. Later, Solo said he was the one pursuing a DNA test in the first place and he has a text message conversation of Alexis asking not going to the internet about the results. Man U crazy. And look at his interactions with Alexis and look at his interactions with Masika Two totally different people. He actually smiled when he was with Alexis. Your email address will not be published.

VIDEO: Solo Lucci Goes Off On Alexis Sky!

Alexis Skyy Reveals DNA Test Confirming Solo Lucci is Not Baby’s Father + He Responds

Discussion in ' Almost famous. Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Sep 23, 1. She also says she won't be depending on child support




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