Ben shapiro how to debate leftists and destroy them

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Ben Shapiro

ben shapiro how to debate leftists and destroy them

Gavin McInnes: 5 Ways To End Arguments with Liberals

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Ben Shapiro's new ebook How To Debate Leftists And Destroy Them: 10 Rules For Winning The Argument comes complete with eleven rules about how and three more about when conservatives should act like mean, nasty bullies, in order to help them defeat liberals, who have a tendency to make conservatives look like mean, nasty bullies. Shapiro, the founder of TruthRevolt. Because Romney was perceived as so darn mean. But how? Third, you should debate a leftist if there is an audience. The goal of the debate will not be to win over the leftist, or to convince him or her, or to be friends with him or her.

Below are Shapiro's 11 rules for debating a Leftist, with a brief excerpt detailing each rule from his new book, which you can download over at Truth Revolt. And they know you are the enemy. You will be castigated. You have to take the punch, you have to brush it off. You have to be willing to take the punch.

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Cancel anytime. Ben Shapiro uncovers the simple strategy used by liberals and their friends in the media: bully the living hell out of conservatives. Play the race card, the class card, the sexism card. Use any and every means at your disposal to demonize your opposition - to shut them up. Then pretend that such bullying is justified because, after all, conservatives are the true bullies and need to be taught a lesson for their intolerance.

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7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates

11 rules for debating a Leftist from Ben Shapiro

Truth be told, I was searching for a different book on Amazon when I found this one by conservative columnist Ben Shapiro. And what a deal! I recommend just How to Debate Leftists. But wait. Seek, and ye shall find. My overall take: Shapiro is dead on in his approach. If your aim is to win the argument, get in the first punch and hit hard.

B efore getting into the meat of this review, I must admit to never paying much attention to Ben Shapiro until quite recently. He struck me as the latest in a long line of conservative pundits going back to William F. Buckley to launch a career as a polemicist by criticizing academia for its alleged and real left and liberal biases. Was he more articulate than some? But he was also prone to his share of hyperbole and philosophical vagaries.

He is best known for his largely fact-free criticisms of "left-wing" ideas; in particular, he is famous for the phrase facts don't care about your feelings. Shapiro also once stormed off a BBC interview when the interviewer read his quotes back to him. Shapiro earned his spurs as a writer for Townhall and WND , but is better known for his close association with Andrew Breitbart , even becoming an editor and then editor-at-large for Breitbart. He acrimoniously resigned after Breitbart refused to defend one of their own reporters after she accused Corey Lewandowski then Trump 's campaign manager of forcefully manhandling her. Shapiro has since become a frequent critic of Steve Bannon and the alt-right , [8] despite sharing much of the bigotry that animates them. Shapiro's wife is a doctor.


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