Florida gators football colors blue

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Florida Gators

florida gators football colors blue

2019 Florida Gators Orange and Blue Debut Condensed

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The Florida Gators are the athletic teams that represent the University of Florida. The University of Florida, its athletic program, its alumni and its sports fans are often collectively referred to as the " Gator Nation. The University of Florida currently fields teams in nine men's sports and twelve women's sports. O'Connell Center for basketball, [10] [11] gymnastics, [12] swimming and diving, [13] indoor track and field, [14] and volleyball, [15] Alfred A. McKethan Stadium for baseball [16] and James G.

Did you know there are more official UF colors than orange and blue?
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For the web, RGB colors are: orange , 70, 22; blue 0, 33, Hex colors are: orange FA; blue A5. If you have existing web sites or pages that use the old orange standard, that this slight change be made during any routine maintenance or upgrades. Q: The UF signature logo looks purple rather than blue when I preview it on my monitor. A: Monitors vary in the way they reproduce color.

The University of Florida has been playing football for over years. The Gators fan base has grown used to winning and to a point has become spoiled. The "crowd," if you can even call it that, for Vanderbilt this past season shows just that. Florida has a proud fan base but needs to learn that you stick with your team through thick and thin, not just when they're hoisting a crystal ball. For those who consider themselves a real part of GatorNation, here are 10 tell tale signs you are a Gator fan. If ever asked what the colors of the university of Florida football team are do yourself a favor and make sure you get the order right. Answer blue and orange and you will certainly get a cross look from a true Florida Gator fan.

Florida Gators Football: 10 Ways You Know You're a Gators Fan

Blue and Orange (UF Black and Yellow Parody Song)

Florida Gators Colors

The Florida Gators football program represents the University of Florida in American college football. The team's current head coach is Dan Mullen. The Gators have won three national championships and eight SEC titles in the season history of Florida football. The University of Florida was established in Gainesville in and fielded its first official varsity football team that fall. In years of football, Florida has played in over forty bowl games ; won three national championships , and and eight Southeastern Conference championships , , , , , , and and have produced three Heisman Trophy winners, more than ninety first-team All-Americans and fifty National Football League NFL first-round draft choices.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators also go color-on-color whenever they face each other. Those are just a couple of examples of the interesting matchups that have come about since the uniform rules were loosened. This would already be an interesting game to keep an eye on if only because of the pedigree of the two football programs involved, but uniform enthusiasts will have a very good reason to watch this game, and it has to do with what the two teams will be wearing as they take the field. For starters, the Gators will be wearing all-blue from head to toe, and they'll be topping the uniform combo off with white helmets. They've worn all-blue in the past, but seeing them wear white helmets with the all-blue uniform look is always a rare sight and this Saturday it will be no different. Meanwhile, the Michigan Wolverines will be wearing an even rarer uniform combination.


Florida Gator Gameday Traditions

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