Rate my nfl fantasy team

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This is the Pros. Serious Fantasy Football.

rate my nfl fantasy team

ESPN Fantasy Football Draft 2019 (IG Experts League)

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Did you know? We analyzed more than 2. Create an account and become a fantasy football nerd today! Do this trade on your. Apply our award-winning rankings and projections to the player salaries to get the most points for the least amount of money. This is the tool that the winners use.

It is a 12 person league, no 2 rb system or defensive team. We did defensive players one year and everyone hated it since they were so inconsistent so now we steer clear of defensive teams altogether and the 2 running back system none of us have been fans of unlike many fantasy players. The scoring is normal except that it is 6 points for a pass TD. My draft went like this but I recently made a trade so I'll post my current team afterward. QB's went very early in our draft but I chose to wait till the 2nd tier of them came up Rodgers, Romo, etc. I was going to take Greg Jennings over Grant but he got taken right before me and the wideouts after would have been over drafted.

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  1. The league details for this draft are as followed: 10 Team, standard scoring, 2 keepers from previous year in which you lose the following round in which that keeper was drafted ex.

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