I want to stop existing

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Wanting to stop existing?

i want to stop existing

How to Stop Existing and Start Living (CHANGE YOUR LIFE!)

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Please stop making my mental illness about you. Please stop saying how much it hurts you. I wish you could stop making my mental health the only important aspect of our relationship. Please trust me. Keep reading. I think everyone is about to witness a rapid decline in my general mental stability, so strap in. Anyone else just………bad……………at absolutely everything.

Suicide hotlines provide help to those in need. Contact a hotline if you need support yourself or need help supporting a friend. If you're concerned.
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For many months, I felt suicidal. I was afraid of dying. The overwhelming feelings of mental illness that I was living with at the time were just too much for me. It got to a point where I felt I was living so miserably that I questioned the point in life at all. I was having thoughts frequently about ending my life and how I would do it. Where I would do it, when I would do it and whether it was something I really wanted.

I want to stop existing.

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Does anyone else just want to stop existing? Like you don't want to die because you know it will hurt the people around you who love you, but you don't want to.
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