Capcom beat em up switch

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capcom beat em up switch

Relive the glory days of cooperative arcade games with the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle! This comprehensive collection includes seven.

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We're sorry, but chat isn't available at the moment. This comprehensive collection includes seven classic games, each with various multiplayer options, online capabilities and detailed galleries! Say goodbye to game overs! Adjust your difficulty settings or give yourself more lives to battle through each game in its entirety. You can also play the English or Japanese versions of each title! Read more.

Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle is a compilation of Capcom arcade beat 'em ups developed and published by Capcom. The collection was released digitally for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4.
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As far as value propositions go, this one would've floored people in the 90s. Capcom was once a primary staple of the then-thriving arcade scene, and the company had so many quality games that you'd be throwing coins into for hours - or, mere minutes, depending on the depth of your pockets. So having seven of Capcom's classic beat 'em ups just sounds incredible, frankly. They're arcade-perfect, or close to it - you only need to press a button to keep playing, instead of inserting coins. Add a couple of friends to play the games with, and possibly some drinks, and you've already got yourself an excellent night all planned out. The drinks will definitely help too, because once the nostalgia has worn off, you might not find the bundle to be all that appealing.

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Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle

Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle Switch review - "Seven similar games"

Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle is a compilation that collects the arcade versions of seven beat 'em ups from Capcom:. Each of the seven games includes the option to play the English or Japanese version of the game. In addition, all of the games support online multiplayer. This release marks the first home console releases for both Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit. The collection includes a gallery to view concept art, final art, characters and art from the collection itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NA : October 10,


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