Ravinia earth wind and fire

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Earth, Wind & Fire

ravinia earth wind and fire

Earth, Wind & Fire at Ravinia June 9, 2012

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Let me just say, this band can really put on a show. Even the slow grooves had audience members swaying to the live sound. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Buy tickets. What an honour! Judging by the cacophony of applause, whistles and yells, the feeling was mutual. Concerts Soul Rnb. They continue to build their legendary status with numerous world tours and albums to this day, garnering 20 Grammy Award nominations winning six as a group and a Hall Of Fame Induction along the way. Get swept up in their musical whirlwind as they head out on a US tour. While the music speaks for itself, the band's shows elevate things to an unbelievable level of showmanship; theatricality and virtuosity meet and without fail it gets people on their feet dancing.

What a night! The stage was filled with musicians and with the electronics and great lighting effects, most of the audience was on its feet for close to minutes no intermission of solid entertainment. Ravinia is a great summertime experience for the entire family. You can, of course , pack a dinner and bring it to the park along with tables, chairs and all the special items that one can see; candles, table cloths, coolers- all in all a dining experience that makes it special for you. You can also, just set up a blanket and enjoy what you bring, what you prepare or what you have catered. You can even rent tables and chairs.

Earth, Wind and Fire at Ravinia!! Let's meet at Ravinia for this amazing show.

Ravinia -- Earth Wind and Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire at Ravinia Festival

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