We are all born free and equal human rights

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we are all born free and equal human rights

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Welcome to the United Nations. First of all, let me tell you that the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, is in Lima, Peru, for a very important international meeting on climate change. He is proud to stand up for equality for all people — regardless of who they are, regardless of whom they love. I stand with him in the belief in the dignity and worth of every human being and in their equal rights. December 10 is one of the most important dates on the United Nations calendar. The Declaration is the most widely translated text in history.

Equality pops up all the time when we talk about human rights. Everybody has an idea of what equality means. But what does it mean exactly when we talk about it in the same sentence as human rights? According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission , the body responsible for promoting and enforcing equality and non-discrimination laws in the UK, equality is about:. Ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents, and believing that no one should have poorer life chances because of where, what, or whom they were born, what they believe, or whether they have a disability. As little as half a century ago, sexism, racism and other forms of prejudice were part of everyday life. In some cases, these attitudes were enshrined in law — homophobic laws were in force in the UK until well into this century, for example.

Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December General Assembly resolution A as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations. It sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected and it has been translated into over languages. Download PDF. Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,. Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,.

It was compiled after World War II to declare and protect the rights of all people from all countries. This beautiful collection, published 60 years on, celebrates each declaration with an illustration by an internationally-renowned artist or illustrator and is the perfect gift for children and adults alike. All royalties from this book are donated to Amnesty International. Beautiful amnesty resources - can't wait to use! Kids love the illustrations! Everybody, a part-animation, part-live-action short film, is a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the book, We Are All Born Free. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales and a charity registered in England and Wales and Scotland SC

We are all born free – our human rights in pictures

Human Rights Video #1: Born Free and Equal


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