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New ‘Two and a Half Men’ Intro Puts Ashton Kutcher Front and Center [VIDEO]

two and a half men intro

Two and a Half Men - Intro

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News sources confirm that the Two and a Half Men will be re-shooting their second intro, and the new Season 11 opening will not include recently demoted actor Angus T. But the question is, who will replace the young actor's signature, "Aaahh's," at the end of the theme song? Two and a Half Men 's credits, which has featured Jones each season since the show's premiere in , has always included a trio singing the same fan-favorite diddy. We're guessing that the new half man's spot could eventually be filled by upcoming character Jenny, Charlie Harper's Charlie Sheen daughter. Although the role is yet to be cast.

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We all know the famous theme song from the hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men. After twelve seasons of listening to this catchy jingle, we thought we'd throw it back and make a list about all the things you probably didn't know about this popular tune. While the lyrics remained the same, we've definitely seen a bit of change in terms of the actors standing in front of that iconic red curtain and donning those black suits. So without further ado, here are 10 things that might surprise you about this manly theme. Jones weren't the angelic voices behind this theme song. Contrary to popular belief, and to burst everyone's bubbles, this famous trio is definitely lip-syncing this simple tune. They're actors, not singers, so we can't exactly blame them.

The theme song starts with a red curtain background as Charlie comes to the left to the microphone singing "Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men, Men, Men" and Alan comes to the right "Ooooh" and then Jake comes into the middle and sings the rest, while Charlie and Alan sing Charlie's verse together. From Seasons the intro ends with Jake concluding with "Haaaaaah" and he morphs into his current physical appearance. Some episodes as the logo in a black screen and expanding the "and a half" between the Two Men, while a small portion of the theme song plays in the background. Even though Sheen's character, Charlie Harper died in Season 9, this original version of the theme song was used in the first 2 episodes of the ninth season. In this theme song, the scenery changes. The 3 men are all wearing hats and it looks to be out doors.

The theme song has been used for a number of different parodies and is widely known throughout. A total of 2 different openings were made for the show and was praised for the theme songs creativity and catchy tune. Due to the aging of Jake Angus T Jones , the ending of the theme song opening would result in him aging into what he looked like for the remanding of the season. During Charle Sheen being fired from the show, a remake of the song was made and used throughout the rest of the series that started in Season 9. It received negative remarks from people, stating that Ashton Kutcher looked and sound like a "pedo". Tons of parodies were used with the style and opening of the show for a tribute to the theme song.


Two and a Half Men (theme song)

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