Cattle brand symbols and meanings

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Livestock branding

cattle brand symbols and meanings

Most things have changed in the last years, but cattle branding isn't Symbols, visual puns and jaunty combinations of letters, numbers and “Just because you want it doesn't mean it's a good thing to put on an animal.


The best rule to follow is to keep the image simple. Simple brand designs are easier to read and are less painful for the livestock. A brand design consists of 2 or more symbols. Many brands have 3 units in the design. Few brands have more than 3 units. Sometimes when the letters or symbols are joined, the word "connected" is included in the reading.

Get this week's most popular Handbook of Texas articles delivered straight to your inbox Sign me up! Cattle brands still play an important role in identifying an animal's owner in Texas cattle ranching. The practice of branding is ancient. Some Egyptian tomb paintings at least 4, years old depict scenes of roundups and cattle branding, and biblical evidence suggests that Jacob the herdsman branded his stock. Burning an identifying mark into the hide of an animal was, until the invention of the tattoo, the only method of marking that lasted the life of the animal.

Standard additions are applied to symbol brands so that more than one brand owner may register the same image.
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However, unlike the graphic logos and trademarked images of popular commercial brands, they must comply with a rigorous set of standards and are developed using a specific language ruled by its own unique syntax and morphology. Livestock branding dates back to BC , evidenced by Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Ancient Romans are said to have used hot iron brands as an element of magic. At its most basic, a cattle brand is composed of a few simple letters and numbers, possibly in combination with a basic shape or symbols like a line, circle, heart, arc, or diamond. Each character can also be rotated or reversed. Every addition and variation results in a unique character that is named accordingly. The vast array of combinations made possible by these characters and variations ensures that unique and identifiable brands can be created —hopefully without repetition— using only limited formal language.

Livestock branding is a technique for marking livestock so as to identify the owner. Originally, livestock branding only referred to hot branding large stock with a branding iron , though the term now includes alternative techniques. Other forms of livestock identification include freeze branding , inner lip or ear tattoos , earmarking , ear tagging , and radio-frequency identification RFID , tagging with a microchip implant. The semi-permanent paint markings used to identify sheep are called a paint or colour brand. In the American West , branding evolved into a complex marking system still in use today. The act of marking livestock with fire-heated marks to identify ownership has origins in ancient times, with use dating back to the ancient Egyptians around 2,BC. In English lexicon, the word "brand", common to most Germanic languages from which root also comes "burn", cf.







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