Slow and low rock and rye where to buy

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Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock and Rye

slow and low rock and rye where to buy

Hochstadter's Slow & Low, a rye whiskey Old Fashioned in a bottle, inspired by rock and rye - America's original bottled cocktail. Straight rye whiskey is blended .

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Take your spirits journey to the next level when you create an account. Once you sign in you can There's a variety of traditional and modern flavorings, including citrus peels, rock candy, horehound, and raw honey. It is bottled at 84 proof. On the palate, there's plenty of lemon peel and mild vanilla with a dry and long finish of bitter herbs. Adding an ice cube is recommended. It could be doctored with some additional citrus bitters or sweetener, but ultimately, this stands on its own as a well-composed bottled cocktail.

As a pharmaceutical drink, it was used to snuff coughs, colds, sore throats, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, consumption, sniffles, grippes and chills, diseases of the throat, chest and lungs. Later, as the public reacquired a taste for it and began drinking it for pleasure again, it became an American standard, prepared and bottled by distillers and bootleggers alike as it migrated back from the pharmacy to the bar. All prices are in USD. Compare Now. Please wait Currency Displayed in. Wish Lists.

How this historically relevant drink had flown under my nose is a mystery to me, but allow me to sum it up before I get into the product at hand. An early barroom staple of pre-prohibition America, a small dish of rock candy was supposedly kept on hand to render lightly aged, swill-esque rye whiskey more palatable. In the post-prohibition era, the drink managed to survive in the cultural consciousness by making a jump to the medicinal shelf, where rye and sugar, possibly with other spices, were bottled and sold by pharmacists to cure what ails ya. Enter Cooper Spirits Co. Sold in a full ml bottle instead of the small, single-serving cans, this version is clearly presenting itself as the premium product. Getting our hands on samples of both at Paste , we decided to compare them side by side in a dual review.

No ailment great or small was immune to rock and rye's therapeutic might. Cooper is a third-generation distiller. His grandfather, Maurice, founded Cooper Brewery in the early 20th century and his father, Sky, worked at Charles Jacquin et Cie, a distillery in Pennsylvania. Whiskey: Yelawolf Creek Water American Whiskey distilled from a bourbon mash and finished with toasted wood chips. Clean and natural tasting with a subtle sweetness and bold defiance.

Slow & Low Rock & Rye Whiskey


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Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock and Rye Whiskey 750ml




The original American panacea, rock and rye has been served "straight up" in saloons and pharmacies since the 's. % raw local honey from PA.
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