Bhad bhabie and nba youngboy

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again Allegedly Caught in Bed With Bhad Bhabie

bhad bhabie and nba youngboy

Floridian rapstress Bhad Bhabie has responded to her fans who have trolled her for getting NBA YoungBoy's name tattooed on her hand. Bhad Bhabie has responded to fans who have slammed her for her tattoo of NBA YoungBoy's legal first name "Kentrell". On Thursday (Aug 22), the.

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Bhad Bhabie denied it, though, and claimed that the tattoo read: "Kentucky," because, you know, who doesn't need a permanent reminder of their love of fried chicken on their hand. Anyway, there's no denying it now because a new close-up image posted on Bhad Bhabie's Instagram Story confirms that it's definitely year-old YoungBoy's name on there. Naturally, people had a lot to say about the teenager's new ink, so Bhad Bhabie decided to clear up the relationship rumours once and for all on Instagram Live. These are my tattoos," she stated. Y'all don't know behind the scenes. Stop telling me he how has a girlfriend. Like, c'mon, Stop.

Last time, I got word that her people didn't like something I put up there, the AllHipHop people took it down. It had something to do with her being under In love so much she took to live and let everybody know that she is feeling the feelz for NBA Youngboy!!! This is not your regular teenage love! She went and got herself a tattoo of his government on her lil' white hand!

Bhad Bhabie has finally taken to Instagram to address claims that she got NBA Youngboy's name tattooed on her A few months ago it was rumoured that Bhad Bhabie and NBA Youngboy were dating after being spotted together on several occasions. Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram to clear.
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again has found himself in the middle of controversy again. While the man in the video has a giant crying emoji blocking most of his face, some fans were able to point out a tattoo above the eyebrow that appears to be the same tattoo YoungBoy has on his face, and a scar on his forehead that looks identical to his. In the short clip, Bhabie can be seen with her hand on the man's face as she lets out a small laugh. Although it's still uncertain if it's actually YoungBoy in the video, the footage could be damaging as YoungBoy is currently 18 years old, while Bhad Bhabie is only 15a year under the age of consent in 31 states, and two to three years under in 19 other states. YoungBoy is also currently serving a three-year probation after pleading guilty in May to a reduced aggravated assault with a firearm charge. As part of the probation, the rapper must remain in Louisiana and has to perform community service.

Bhad Bhabie addresses NBA YoungBoy dating rumours after getting a tattoo of his real name

These are my tattoos. I do my own shit for my own reasons

Bhad Bhabie on her relationship with NBA Youngboy


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