Robot blaze and the monster machines

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robot blaze and the monster machines

Robot Power is the 3rd episode in Season 4 of Blaze and the Monster Machines. After getting blown out of the garage by the wrecking robots, Blaze, AJ and.


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The first episode aired on May 28, The last episode aired on October 4, These special episodes are unique as they do not take place in a special themed location like VelocityVille and Animal Island. Instead, these episodes take place in and around Axle City like the original. Hence the title, every episode has Blaze transform into a super strong robot, as the problem at hand is too tough for a truck to solve.

Watch full episodes, video clips, music mashup videos and more, featuring Blaze and his monster machine friends. Videos teach science, technology.
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Zeg's super bouncy tires are out of control. Blaze and AJ need to use their super science skills to come up with a solution. Blaze and Zeg need to get back their friend's firefly egg! The worker bees help them track it down. Together they make an awesome team and nothing can get in their way! Blaze and AJ must get past the Bighorns on the mountain path, so that they can rescue Darington! When Blaze and his friends get chased by Skunk Bandits, they use a big rock to block the path and escape!

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?? Blaze And The Monster Machines Full Episodes ? Blaze Monster Truck Cartoon - Part 3?

The following is a list of episodes from the series Blaze and the Monster Machines. But when a mean racer named Crusher sends Blaze and the other Monster Machines far away thanks to his Giant Bubble Blower meaning that Crusher is cheating to win the race , it's up to Blaze and AJ to find the Monster Machines their new friends and get back to the race just in time using Blaze's blazing speed engine before Crusher wins and get the Monster Machine World Championship trophy. Transformation: Sprinkler. Blaze saved his friends in order: Tangled in vines Stripes , Getting chased by Grizzlies Darington , Rolling in a giant snowball Zeg , Stuck in a hole in the cave Starla. When Starla, the friendly cowgirl truck, loses one of her pistons in the mud pit, Blaze and AJ set out to get it back.

Stelle leckere Kekskunst her, die wie Shimmer, Shine und viele mehr aussieht! Es ist ein Meerjunghund! Nun muss die Gruppe, diesen zum See zu bringen ohne ein Chaos zu verursachen. Minatori bleibt auf der Jagd nach einem Frosch in einem stinkigen, matschigen Sumpf stecken. Nella und Olivia kommen zur Rettung! Rusty hat Schwierigkeiten mit dem Eislaufen, als ihm eine Idee kommt raketenbetriebene Schlittschuhe!

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  1. Robot Riders is the name for six special episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines Season 4. The first episode aired on May 28, The last episode aired.

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