Is steffy on the bold and the beautiful pregnant

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Jacqueline Wood Reveals Birth of First Child With Unique Name

is steffy on the bold and the beautiful pregnant

Bold and the Beautiful Shocking Spoilers: Steffy Pregnant With Liam Third Child


The Bold and the Beautiful star is expecting her first child -- and only ET was there as she broke the news to her castmates. Now, she's five and a half months pregnant, but her co-stars had no idea until she decided to share the news during a recent day on set. A scene called for the actress to walk down the catwalk in skimpy lingerie, which MacInnes Wood thought would be the most bold -- and beautiful -- way to announce her pregnancy. The announcement came as a big shock to Courtney Hope. I had no idea. And it's super weird because I work with her all the time," she confessed. I'm a father of four kids myself, and she's just fallen in love with her husband and now she's falling in love again with a child.

This week Hope and Liam discover the truth that their daughter Beth is alive. This will no doubt be a happy occasion for the couple, and it could be the beginning stage for them getting back together. Spencer to sleep with his ex-wife Steffy. Today on BoldandBeautiful , Hope struggles to get intimate with Thomas. Steffy said she wanted more kids and her dream was to give Kelly a sibling.

But after being played by a series of child actors, she and her twin sister, Phoebe , were aged into teenagers in The kids were written out for a while and Steffy returned as an adult and being portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in Because MacKenzie Mauzy was playing Phoebe, the twins were retconned to be fraternal instead of identical. Wood took a little break from the soap from , but since then has been playing Steffy constantly ever since. With a little maternity leave to give birth to her first child along the way! After the family was reunited, Taylor was killed by Sheila, and Steffy, Phoebe, and Thomas were upset when their father married Brooke. In , Ridge and Taylor divorced and Steffy left for boarding school in England.

Watch THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's Pregnancy Reveal!

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  1. Congratulations to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), who has just announced that she is pregnant with.

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