Who knows mommy and daddy baby shower game questions

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Expecting Parents' Trivia Game for a Baby Shower

who knows mommy and daddy baby shower game questions

Emma and Adam's Baby Shower Mr & Mrs Quiz


With these great ideas, you can put together a trivia game for your guests that will stretch their brains, and maybe even their IQ! Use all kinds of great baby and family facts that might leave even the most seasoned parents scratching their heads. Ask the daddy questions about raising kids. In this baby shower trivia game, the mommy will be put on the spot to try and give the answer he might have given. If she gets the question wrong, she has to chew a piece of gum. You can also give her a prize if she gets questions right.

Avoid cringe-worthy baby showers with these 19 activities you'll shocker! To help, we found 19 baby shower games that are so fun, no one will even think about sneaking out early. Let the games begin! The ability to pull off a diaper change with your eyes closed definitely helps when it comes to middle-of-the-night poop explosions. Put your guests to the test by handing them a blindfold, doll and diaper and then race to see who can change a diaper the fastest! Give each guest a pen and paper and ask them to list as many baby products as they can in two minutes.

Mom or Dad quiz is a fun baby shower game and it is just like the honey do's game that we play on bridal showers. Ask the parents-to-be that who is ready to do the tasks mentioned in this quiz sheet and then test the guests if they can guess it correctly or not. I have made these Free printable Mom or Dad Quiz worksheets in three different colors. You can print this game in any color of your choice. This is also an ideal game for co-ed baby showers where both parents-to-be are present. How to Play: You can either ask the parents-to-be to give answers to this quiz one day before the baby shower or they can play this game while all the other guests are playing. Give each guest a copy of this printed game and ask them that in their opinion who will do a certain task mentioned on the quiz card.

Parties being held for every occasion are getting better. From questions about the occasion for the party, Christmas for example and what is your favorite Christmas carol, Christmas present, Christmas movie; to individual questions about celebrations centered on one person, a birthday, anniversary, or a baby shower. In this case, the baby shower games questions serve as a perfect ice-breaker for the guests. The guests have a chance to exchange information about the person being celebrated, and this serves to open an avenue for interesting and often funny individual stories. Depending on the age and social background of the Mommy whose upcoming baby is being celebrated, other more embarrassing questions can be asked. It would be a better idea to have an adult set of questions and a set for older or younger guests and those who are more reserved.

It asks a range of questions, which your guests answer on paper. The person who truly knows mommy the best will win a prize. The questions are fairly simple if you know mommy to be. This game is one of the top baby shower games. Baby Shower Bingo. Baby Jeopardy. Baby Shower Word Scramble.

19 fun and modern baby shower games

This is a perfect game for co-ed baby showers where friends and family of mom-to-be and dad-to-be are present and playing. I have made this game in pink, blue and green colors. - By inviting both genders, the soon-to-be parents are surrounded by all of their friends and family and the party can turn into a very festive occasion. Recruit a male and female co-host.



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