My knee hurts when walking up and down stairs

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Why Does My Knee Hurt Going Down Steps?

my knee hurts when walking up and down stairs

This is why the knees often hurt when a person is going up or down the stairs. This deeper movement means that the kneecap is forced to slide.


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Whether you have stairs in the home or not, climbing steps in everyday situations is unavoidable. Surprisingly, some individuals can climb steps like a champ, but the descent is another story. Compared to ascending steps, the descent actually places greater forces through the knee. In addition, anything interfering with movement of the kneecap will surely localize these forces. Two key principles for receiving force are: maximize surface area and loading rate.

Joe asked himself that question every time he stood at the bottom of the steps and looked up at the landing. The stairs had become a physical endurance test. Each step caused searing pain in his knees no matter how slowly or carefully he climbed. The pain, which started in his right knee, now affected his left. Most of the time, Joe avoided the stairs by sleeping on the couch in the den and storing his clothes in the desk drawers.

If your knee hurts and you're wondering what's going on, WebMD explains with intense exercise like jogging, squatting, or climbing stairs. You may feel a dull ache in the front of your knee, and it may hurt to climb stairs, jump, or squat. . Future Of Health Plan Your Cancer Care Is My Penis Normal?.
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Knee pain going down stairs, and as you go back up, is a common problem and can make life really tricky. That means for a person weighing lbs, as they come down, a force of lbs goes through the kneecap which has a contact surface area of only 12cm 2. In most cases knee pain going down stairs usually indicates a problem with the knee cap patella and how it moves. The kneecap is a small bone, shaped like an upside down triangle which sits in the patella groove at the front of the knee and glides up and down as the knee moves. Huge forces go through it with every day activities.

Aubrey Bailey has been writing online health-related articles since Bailey is also a Certified Hand Therapist. Knee pain can significantly affect your ability to move around, particularly when you need to climb stairs. Pain in the front of your knee is typically related to your patellofemoral joint, where your kneecap sits in front of your thigh bone. Stair climbing increases compression at this joint.

Why does my knee hurt when I climb the stairs?

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  1. The complex network of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the knee joint are vulnerable. Knee pain can result from many problems, from sports injuries.

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