Homeless children and youth act

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A Big Win: House Committee Passes the Homeless Children and Youth Act

homeless children and youth act

The Homeless Children and Youth Act of (H.R. ) is a bipartisan bill that removes barriers to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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This bipartisan legislation corrects long-standing flaws in U. Over organizations support the Homeless Children and Youth Act, including 58 national organizations. Join the movement! On May 17, , the U. Several witnesses addressed the unique needs of children, youth and young adults and families in accessing housing and services to prevent and respond to homelessness. Stivers, a member of the subcommittee and sponsor of H.

Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD homelessness assistance for children, youth and families in the following ways. Below is a brief description of what the bill does. These situations are unstable and often unsafe, putting children and youth at high risk of trafficking and violence. Other federal programs recognize that children and youth in such living situations are homeless. How : Children and youth whose homelessness has been verified by one of eight specific federal programs would be eligible for HUD homeless assistance. Benefit: Communities can assess and serve the most vulnerable children, youth and adults.

Is homelessness in America surging or ebbing? Overall national figures from the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development, however, tell a different story. At the end of , HUD announced that with the exception of really expensive areas, homelessness had continued to decline across the United States, a When it comes to families with children experiencing homelessness, HUD reported a drop of 5.

The passage allows the bill to be considered by the entire House of Representatives. Though this legislation still has to go through the House and Senate for votes, this is a big step in bipartisanship. In rare display, the vote shows that lawmakers can indeed come together to address the challenges local communities are experiencing with homelessness. Young moms with small infants and toddlers staying in unsafe shelters, or families housed in motels which also provide emergency housing to registered sex offenders is commonplace. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD policy, these homeless children and parents are not considered homeless. It particularly discriminates against children and youth who are not counted living in motels, couch surfing, or double-upped in a small living space. Instead, it would simplify data and improve interagency collaboration.

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Stivers bill offers youth more support by expanding definition of homeless

Bi-Partisan Bill, the Homeless Children and Youth Act, Passes Key Committee

Data reported here come from two primary sources: school districts, which are required to report on the number of homeless students they serve; and censuses of federally-funded homeless shelters and temporary housing programs, conducted by the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development. At the beginning of school year , there were 1. This is more than twice the number of students who were homeless in school year , Some of this increase may be due to improved reporting, since in , only 65 percent of school districts reported data compared to 99 percent in



Discussing the Homeless Children & Youth Act (HCYA) with Stacy Pollard


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