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ola ray and michael jackson

Ola Ray - Remember

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Michael's leading lady says they had "something special" going on after the cameras stopped rolling. Michael Jackson's Thriller video co-star Ola Ray has opened up about her time working with the late music legend - and she says the chemistry they shared on-screen was real. Former Playboy magazine centrefold Ola played Michael's girlfriend in the minute short film listed by the Guinness World Records as the most successful music video of all time. The American model and actress was booked for the classic video after director John Landis showed the King of Pop her Playboy issue and they developed a close relationship away from the cameras. Missouri-raised Ola, who sang and danced from the age of three and was a huge Michael Jackson fan, had no idea she was auditioning for her idol's new video. And she jumped up and down with excitement when she heard she had landed the role as two girls dating Michael. Her first character is hunted down by Michael after he transforms into a werewolf when their car breaks down on a date.

The music video was also the first time fans saw Michael in an onscreen romance, as he danced down the deserted street to a zombie-filled graveyard with former Playboy playmate Ola Ray. Post continues after video. In , she was arrested for drug possession, claiming the attention she received after the popularity of the film clip was at the root of her substance use, and in , she sued the Jackson estate for breach of contract. The former model has penned a book about her time working with the controversial star, titled The Thrill of It , and on Thursday morning, she spoke to Studio 10 about the two weeks spent with the King of Pop, touching on the darkness that followed her short-lived fame. Studio10 pic. In , she was arrested at her home after police were tipped off about suspected drug activity.

The video is still hugely popular with fans and has been viewed more than million times on YouTube. Ray beat off hundreds of hopefuls to feature in the minute video directed by John Landis which took two weeks to film. After shooting had finished she met Jackson one more time at Westlake Studios a few months later when Quincy Jones was producing his Bad album. The pair talked about the situation and Jackson invited her out to lunch but Ray refused and instead handed him her number and asked him to call her. Ray claims Jackson promised her 2.

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Photo credit: Pinterest. Ray, now 56 and living in Sacramento, Calif. The minute music and dance masterpieceó which the Guinness Book of World Records calls the most successful music video of all time, selling more than 9 million copies ódepicts Jackson and Ray on a date. It takes a dark turn when the singer transforms into a werewolf and Ray is seen running from him and screaming the remainder of the video. But despite her on-screen persona trying to get away from Jackson, from day one shooting, Ray said she and Jackson had great chemistry.

Ola Ray was Michael Jackson's love interest in Thriller. She says his spirit visits her.

Ola Ray Woman In Thriller Video reacts To Michael Jackson s Passing

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