Shake and bake lye nitrate ratio

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Methamphetamine "Shake N' Bake" Gui

shake and bake lye nitrate ratio

Shake & Bake - Free download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. 1/3 cup Ammonium Nitrate (Get by cutting open cold packs. It's the little.

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There is a pop-chem procedure on YouTube that I find astonishing — it beats the Diet Coke and Mentos trick hands down:. A guy loads NaOH dry solid pellets, about 1 inch high, into a plastic bottle, and adds about inch thick layer of dry ammonium nitrate granules. Then he fills the bottle with ethyl ether and adds a good chunk of lithium metal foil. He screws the cap on and swirls the mix around. God have mercy. This man is not building a home-made ANFO for roadside bombing.

Discussions Categories. March Enos, youre a lifesaver! The fire extinguisher method is the best hallucination thus far. Lye eats organic matter and the bottles will pop! Any wet dreamers out there willing to share results? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

All rights reserved. Teks Halaman Web. Methamphetamine "Shake N' Bake" Gui. I do NOT use illicit narcotics, nor do I condone the use of illicit narcotics. This post is for informational purposes only.

ng the small funnel pour your Lye in using a ratio of Lye to Nitrate. Once y ou have . Shake and Bake one pot methamphetamine experiment. Uploaded by.
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Number 1 I am post ing this only for educational purposes. That being said there is also the obvious, and that is that buying Pseudoephidrine HC I is extremely risky and invites our corrupt and nosy government to get an insig ht to your hobby. Thus, leaving you open to a possible investigation if you abus e the PSE laws. E Benzine etc. Maybe I will cover that in some future g uides.

Video Sgt. That methamphetamine remains so prevalent in Missouri and other states is due in part to the sheer ingenuity and persistence of meth cooks, despite government restrictions on some of the drug's key ingredients, most notably pseudoephedrine cold medicine sold as a generic or under the brand name Sudafed. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. To see video of Grellner explaining the processes in more detail, click here. Anhydrous Ammonia Also known as the "Nazi method," after the German soldiers who were given meth to stay alert during World War II, the most popular technique gets its more scientific-sounding label from the common nitrogen farm fertilizer that is a key ingredient. Chemically speaking, pseudoephedrine is just one oxygen atom different from meth, and a skilled cook can transform up to 98 percent of the substance into pure methamphetamine. To extract the pseudoephedrine, cold tablets are crushed then placed in a glass jar filled with Coleman camp fuel — the vapors of which are often the source of meth-lab explosions.

Dude, You beat me to the punch. But like I said, your recipe is written like a poem, fun to read. But my recipe is more like a text book, Boring. Thanks for taking the time to write this up for us. Wednesday, January 28, One Jar a poor mans Birch reduction Now we are ready to put in our two caps of water cap off of 20oz bottle or 2 liter bottle is good. Homer says were gonna let this start to roll b4 we add the lith strips and e crystals,so after 20 mins we are gonna burp it and recap it and shake the piss out of it for 12 seconds then burp again.

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