Pine sol and apple juice

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Did a School Accidentally Give Students Pine-Sol Instead of Apple Juice?

pine sol and apple juice

Officials at a preschool in Hawaii have apologized after young children were given Pine-Sol instead of apple juice to drink during a morning.


Hawaii preschoolers were given pine-sol instead of apple juice during snack time. A teacher at Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool in Honolulu, Hawaii was left mortified after it was revealed that her students were given Pine-Sol instead of apple juice during snack time. The teacher, who has not been named, told local officials that on Nov. Although the teacher did her best to stop the children from drinking the cleaning product, paramedics were still called to the scene to evaluate three girls, ages 4 and 5, who managed to take a few sips of the Pine-Sol, PEOPLE confirms. While it is not immediately clear if any charges will be filed against the assistant, Khon 2 reported they no longer works at the school.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. Students at a school in Honolulu, Hawaii were accidentally given Pine-Sol fluid instead of apple juice. School officials in Honolulu, Hawaii, issued apologies to local parents after a freak accident that occurred on 27 November that received national press coverage. The liquid was in the original Pine-Sol container and proper [sic] labeled. The cart has no food items on or in it, a rubbish can and cleaning supplies are stored on this cart.

December 1, am Updated December 3, pm. The Honolulu Emergency Services Department says paramedics evaluated three young girls at the Kilohana United Methodist Church Preschool on Tuesday morning, finding no signs trauma or sickness. The inspection report says the assistant prepared crackers and juice for the children. The preschool says it will be evaluating its process for obtaining snacks and refreshments to prevent this from occurring again. Read Next.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. A classroom assistant mistook Pine-Sol for apple juice. A classroom assistant at Kilohana United Methodist Church in East Oahu was preparing a snack for the children and grabbed a bottle of the cleaning liquid from a clean-up cart in the kitchen on November The assistant apparently mistook it for apple juice because of its similar color, the school's director told the health department inspector. The teacher was helping students in the restroom when the assistant poured the Pine-Sol into cups in the classroom. The teacher "smelled that it was not apple juice and stopped the students from drinking it," according to the report.

Hawaii preschoolers served Pine-Sol instead of apple juice

This Teacher Served Pinesol To Children Instead Of Apple Juice

Preschoolers Served Pine-Sol Instead Of Apple Juice In Snack Mix-Up

Three children were mistakenly served Pine-Sol instead of apple juice at a preschool in Hawaii, according to local reports. The children, ages 4- and 5-years-old, reportedly took small sips of the cleaning liquid in the Honolulu classroom on Thursday but afterward did not show any signs of trauma or sickness, KHON reported. The grave mixup occurred during snack time when an assistant took the labeled bottle off of a cleaning cart in the kitchen while preparing snacks. A teacher smelled the yellow liquid and stopped the children from consuming it, according to a state Health Department report. Their parents were notified as well. KHON reported that the assistant no longer works at the preschool. Consuming Pine-Sol, which contains chemicals including toluene, can be dangerous and even fatal.


Teacher's Aide 'Accidentally' Serves Pine-Sol Instead of Apple Juice to Preschoolers



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