Chew and spit eating disorder

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'I Suffered From An Eating Disorder You've Probably Never Heard Of Before'

chew and spit eating disorder

Aug 19, Among the lesser-known eating disorder behaviors is the chew and spit method, which consists of chewing food and spitting it out before.


Some days, it could take up hours of my time. Skip navigation! Story from Mind. But, unlike these more common disordered behaviors, it is rarely talked about. Kathryn Kinmond, a senior lecturer from the Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology center at Manchester Metropolitan University, told me over email.

Chewing and spitting has been reported across a range of eating disorders found in the DSM-V including anorexia (AN), bulimia (BN), binge eating disorder.
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Chewing and spitting CHSP is a disordered eating behavior involving the chewing and spitting out of food. It can occur with a variety of portion sizes, although when in public the individual usually will only use smaller portions. It will typically be foods that individuals do not allow themselves to ingest for emotional or physiological reasons, which studies have found are usually foods higher in fats or sugar, or with a higher caloric content. It often relates to fears regarding what may occur if the person allowed themselves to eat that food, such as feeling pleasure and then overeating. It can have the effect of mimicking the physiological or emotional response of having just eaten. The behavior of chewing but not swallowing food is a disordered action found to be more common with restrictive eating disorders and less common with binge eating disorders.

Chewing And Spitting Food

In the realm of eating disorders, there are many behaviors that, while troublesome and harmful, may not be viewed as a disorder because they have no DSM diagnosis., What if I told you that I spent five years of my life chewing up food I would pretend to eat and secretly spitting it out?

Chewing and Spitting Do I have an Eating Disorder?

It can be extremely lonely and isolating to struggle with an eating disorder, particularly one that is lesser known. Being able to identify what you are going through and recognizing that you need help is an important first step toward recovery. CHSP is a disorder characterized by chewing food and then spitting it out instead of swallowing. Some of you might remember the episode of Sex and the City in which the ladies travel to Los Angeles, California. Miranda catches up with an old friend who seems happier and healthier than ever before.

Among the lesser-known and less-studied eating disorder behaviors is that known as chewing and spitting. This activity consists of chewing food, usually food that is highly enjoyable and energy-dense, and spitting it out before swallowing. Chewing and spitting has some similarities to bingeing in that it involves consuming larger amounts of high-calorie foods than intended, but is also similar to restrictive eating in that the food is not actually ingested. Initially, spitting was thought to be just an alternative to vomiting , so was studied primarily in women with bulimia nervosa. However, the DSM-5 does not list chewing and spitting under any single disorder because it is now recognized that the behavior can occur across all eating disorder diagnoses.



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