German shepherd and lab mix puppies

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German Shepherd Lab Mix A Complete Guide to the Sheprador

german shepherd and lab mix puppies

A first generation German Shepherd Lab Mix puppy, from its purebred parent breeds the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever, will only.

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If you are thinking of getting this lovely mixed breed or you recently adopted one, then this guide will help you out. This will better understand what this mixed breed is, how to care for this dog and how to properly care for it daily. I am confident that you will raise a happy and healthy German Shepherd Lab mix dog. The Lab German Shepherd is a mix of two of the most popular dog breeds in the world: a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Labrador Retriever. These dogs are known to be the most intelligent, hardworking and active dogs and combining the two genes is a miracle come true. Considering the characteristics and temperament of both parents, your Lab German Shepherd mix could become a service dog or a police dog. The German Shepherd breed is from Germany and was bred to herd cattle.

Last Updated on December 4th, However, they tend to be cautious with strangers, thanks to their German Shepherd ancestors. With two highly energetic parent breeds, these dogs need an active life, so be ready to spend several hours a day keeping your pet busy. A Labrador Shepherd is generally 20 to 26 inches tall cm. All dogs should exercise to stay healthy and fit, but this hybrid, in particular, is full of energy and needs a family with an active lifestyle.

Its other names include Lab Shepherd mix, and Sheprador. This is usually a medium sized breed, that is friendly, active, and intelligent. Looking at the parent breeds can help us get a rough idea. Jump right in with our handy jumplinks, or read on! These are the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd. To get a better understanding of this mix, we need to learn about its parent breeds and where they came from.

The Sheprador stands at an average of 24 inches tall and can weigh up to 80 pounds when fully grown. While the German Shepherd dog is prone to some unfortunate health issues, it is thought that the general good health of the Labrador can balance out to create a healthy Sheprador puppy. Plus, they have many potential coats and interesting features depending on the parent breeds, and the color Lab used! There is still so much information to cover about this interesting mix. Along with a catchy portmanteau name, it distinguishes them from mongrels of complicated and unknown ancestry. But mating pedigrees with very different body shapes or polar opposite personalities can create muddled and unhappy offspring.

Last Updated on June 4, This is a hybrid that combines some outstanding doggie genes. Care to learn more? The designer dog is a recent phenomenon, with creatively curious breeders shying away from purebred standards to experiment with new super breeds. The spike of crossbreeding in recent decades has produced a whole new wave of dog breeds with little background information.

What happens when you take two of the most popular dogs in the world, and combine them? You get a Sheprador! Or a Labrashepherd. Whichever you prefer. But just what is a Sheprador, other than adorable?

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