Trump and giuliani in drag

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Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani drag sketch video airs

trump and giuliani in drag

Long Lost Footage Shows Rudy Giuliani Dressed In Drag with Donald Trump

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The comment became an instant social media sensation, emboldening groups already suing Trump over the payment. Quite an achievement for someone barely two weeks into his new job, but wherever he has gone Giuliani has always seemed to spark firestorms. Giuliani cut his teeth in public office as a US Department of Justice official and then as federal prosecutor in Manhattan. But even then, seeds of later controversies could be seen to be sprouting. He was accused of being more interested in his own publicity than justice. After he stepped down as US attorney, he made an inflammatory appearance at a police union rally against the then mayor David Dinkins that turned rowdy. Not to mention that time in when Giuliani dressed in drag and allowed Trump to smooch his fake breasts in a bizarre portent of things to come.

An old video of President Donald Trump kissing Rudy Giuliani , dressed in drag, from resurfaced this week. In the video, Trump is seen trying to show Giuliani perfumes. In a high-pitched voice, Giuliani recoils, saying he thought Trump was a gentleman. Eighteen years later, Trump is at the center of several sexual harassment controversies. Giuliani has joined his legal team as special counsel Robert Mueller works on the Russia probe. He has been my friend for a long time and wants to get this matter quickly resolved for the good of the country.

President Donald Trump once thrust his face into the ample chest of his now-lawyer Rudy Giuliani for a drag-queen-themed comedy sketch ó and the video refuses to die. Footage recorded in , when Giuliani was mayor of New York City and Trump was a celebrity businessman, shows the surreal moment. It came about as part of the Mayor's Inner Circle Press roast, a parody event in which New York mayors show their light-hearted side. The set-up features Giuliani's alter-ego splashing perfume on "her" neck and then bosom in an attempt to charm Trump, who then goes further than expected and sticks his face into Giuliani's chest. Giuliani reacts by calling Trump a "dirty boy" and slapping him. As Giuliani walks away, Trump looks at the camera and says "Well, you can't say I didn't try.

This was an annual event which sees New York politicians and White House journalists stage skits and parody themselves for charity. The footage takes on a different meaning in light of the now infamous Access Hollywood tape which was leaked in A version posted on YouTube since has racked up over two million views. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

Video of Rudy Giuliani Dressed in Drag and Being Seduced by Donald Trump Resurfaces

That Time Trump Motorboated Rudy Giuliani In Drag

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Donald Trump motor boating Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag.



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  1. May 8, The US President once pretended to sexually harass his now-lawyer in a comedy skit recorded in Footage shows Trump, then a celebrity businessman, and Rudy Giuliani, then New York's mayor, engaging in a bizarre drag encounter. Giuliani's latest gig is trying to downplay the.

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