Difference between cannabis and marijuana

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They’re In The News, So What’s The Difference Between Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, CBD And THC?

difference between cannabis and marijuana


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Some spas are even using CBD-infused products in their treatments. Instead, some include only certain compounds from the plant and use confusing marketing. With all the buzz surrounding marijuana legalization and the many different products coming to the market, you probably have a lot of questions. Getty Images Justin Sullivan. Cannabis is a catch-all term that includes hemp and marijuana.

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Read our privacy policy for more information. What is the difference between cannabis, marijuana and hemp? A rummage through the dumping ground of random information, misinformation and disinformation that is Yahoo Answers a guilty pleasure, especially if you have been consuming sativas demonstrates this only too well. The main difference between cannabis and hemp is in our perception of two different expressions of the same species. That species is Cannabis sativa L. Hemp has been used since time immemorial to provide humanity with fibres , fuel and food. Cannabis has been used for about the same amount of time to provide us with altered states of consciousness , medicine , and entertainment.

Cannabis , also known as marijuana among other names, [a] is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis has mental and physical effects , such as creating a "high" or "stoned" feeling, a general change in perception , heightened mood , and an increase in appetite. Cannabis is mostly used for recreation or as a medicinal drug, although it may also be used for spiritual purposes. In , between and million people used cannabis 2. The countries with the highest use among adults as of [update] are Zambia, the United States, Canada, and Nigeria.

The Difference Between Weed And Cannabis

Cannabis, hemp or marijuana is our oldest crop, sown for over 12, years 1 , and may have been domesticated over 30, years ago. It produces more fuel, fiber, food and medicine than any other plant 2. The seeds of cannabis produce the most productive and nutritious vegetable oil and protein 3.

What’s the difference between cannabis, marijuana and hemp?

Even before then, CBD-containing products from body oils to chocolates began flooding the market , making consumers wonder more about CBD and how it differs from THC, the main psychoactive component in marijuana. Now that Congress has passed the Farm Bill, a piece of legislation that could allow the legal growing of hemp , understanding the nuances of cannabis products and their components like THC and CBD is more important than ever. Although CBD cannabidiol and THC tetrahydrocannabinol have different effects on the body, they are both derived from cannabis plant species and have the same chemical makeup. Both substances are cannabinoids, or chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. THC is the main chemical compound in marijuana that is responsible for its psychoactive effects.

One word can make all the difference. When I hear the word 'weed,' I remember rummaging through my messy college dorm room in search of a Ziplock baggie with enough flower inside for a spliff. That word reminds me of Pink Floyd posters hung with multicolored tacks, feeling excited about a new South Park episode, and three-hour cases of the giggles as I made the first friends with which smoking rituals were established. A plant by any other name would taste as sweet. Do these words mean two different things? Thinking about it as a plant helps strip away the socially-attributed associations of illegal contraband and deadend pastime.

Understanding the differences between Hemp, CBD and Marijuana

We have carried CBD oil in the Wellness department for over a year or so. We still get the occasional phone call or customer who in disbelief finds out that we really carry CBD oil!! How is that legal? After the shock wears off we proceed with the lesson. Hemp and Marijuana are both varieties of the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. Cannabis contains over chemical compounds. Of these compounds, , known as cannabinoids and have a direct effect on the body through cannabinoid receptors in our cells.






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