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diy and doa far cry 5

Far Cry 5 DIY and DOA Prepper Stash Location Guide

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They are like jackpots where you can get the lofty amount of cash and items. So it is worth to play. In this guide, I will offer you all the locations in Holland Valley. You will reach a house with a body Honey For Sale. There is one cultist on the left of the house, go inside its empty. On the left side in the kitchen, you will find a box with the Prepper's note in it.

Far Cry 5 has a lot of things to find and collect. Some of the most useful things to track down and find are Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash locations. In this guide to Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations we'll explain what kind of rewards you'll get for finding Prepper Stashes , plus detail how to find them in the huge Far Cry 5 map. If you're looking for info on Far Cry 5 that isn't Prepper Stash related you might want to head over to our Far Cry 5 guide hub. It's full of useful info, including how to liberate cult outposts. Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5 are some of the most valuable things to find in the game. Each Prepper Stash will take a bit of finding, with every one presenting a mini quest of sorts.

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Far Cry 5: DIY and DOA

Far Cry 5 has 28 Prepper Stashes in its open-world map, and we want to make sure you find all of them. - Prepper stashes are special finds and side activities in Far Cry 5. They consist in solving puzzles, usually connected with opening a door or stepping out to an inaccessible area.

D.I.Y. and D.O.A. | Prepper Stash | Far Cry 5 - Camzillasmom - Game Guides for Far Cry 5

This prepper stash, just like many others, grants players perk magazines. To find its treasures, you must find the note left by previous owners. As you go through the front door, keep going forward. Turn right at the next hallway and then left into the only available room. With the key from the room, head back to the shack outside and unlock the door.

Jump to navigation. Prepper stashes are caches of supplies spread throughout the map that not only give you a massive boost in cash and supplies, but also contain skill magazines you can read for special perks and free skill points. Just picking it up will unlock it for free at the shop so you can grab it whenever you want to hunt or take out enemies the old fashioned way. Once you reach the top of the scaffolding you should see a rappel point to the north on the bottom of the bridge. Attach to it, swing across, then snag the next one. Just be sure to time your swings carefully when you jump off to the platform on the other side. Nothing blew up when I entered the room, but the second you throw the switch, be prepared for things to get spicy.

A prepper stash at the Doverspike Compound in John's territory, well west and south of the pumpkin farm. Note that this a relatively easy treasure to re-access, so you don't necessarily need to empty your pockets before beginning. The door to the bunker is locked. You can pick it with the right perk, otherwise the key can be found inside the main house, on a dresser underneath a mounted fish. You can follow the power lines to the switch, but it's worth nosing around the siderooms for minor lootables. Make sure you've looted all you wanted before throwing the switch, as it will activate all the bunker's death traps, and make many areas inaccessible.

How to find and complete Far Cry 5's DIY And DOA treasure puzzle. Far Cry 5 DIY And DOA is a puzzle you have to solve within the Holland Valley region. To get to the Doverspike Compound for this Prepper Stash, you will need to head north from the US Auto Cult Outpost.
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It's one of many Prepper Stash locations you'll find throughout the game, all giving you rewards once you solve and figure out how to access them. If you're interested in other Far Cry 5 guides, we have have articles on endings , fishing and perks. Keep going and you'll eventually stumble across a deserted house. To start things off, look for a hut to the left of the compound. Walk over and read the note pinned to the wall.

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