How old are lennon and maisy

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Lennon Stella on Her New Song and How "Nashville" Prepared Her for the Real World of Music

how old are lennon and maisy

Lennon Stella // "La Di Da"

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Born in Oshawa, Ontario,. They grew up in a musical family with their. Despite never having lessons, both girls have been singing their whole lives and. Music Television for a 5 th season. Season 5 is currently airing on CMT every.

A viral internet moment leads a kid onto a massively popular television show. But now she's using everything she learned from playing a rising musician to jumpstart her music career IRL. While the Nashville chapter of Lennon's career may have come to a close, another is beginning with her now focusing on where she started: music. She has emerged from the series and the city of Nashville, where she still resides as a budding pop singer-songwriter, not unlike her character on the show — grounded and willing to be vulnerable, with all the longings and fears of an almostyear-old. It helps that Lennon has a natural knack for translating those longings and fears into lyrics that cut you wide open.

At just 13 and eight years old when the series premiered, the two sisters practically grew up on the set of the drama. Lennon and Maisy Stella often got the chance to sing together during their time on Nashville. Post continues after video…. A post shared by thisislennon lennonstella on Mar 30, at pm PDT. With her focus turned to music, the Canadian singer has largely turned away from acting. After all, it wasn't always her intention to get into acting. But when the casting directors saw a YouTube video of the duo singing, they called Lennon in for an audition.

Not to mention, they are nearly unrecognizable from the 13 and 9-year-old that fans were introduced to in their popular YouTube video , which has accumulated over 30 million views. Now that the popular country-centered show has ended, the two teens are following their ambitions beyond the television screen. Lennon is quickly becoming an indie darling in the music world too. I have a new song out and it would make me so0o giddy if u would go check it. A post shared by thisislennon lennonstella on Mar 16, at pm PDT. Plus, Lennon will be performing at Lollapalooza in Chicago this summer.

They were both born in Oshawa , Ontario , and now reside in Nashville , Tennessee. Lennon and Maisy Stella grew up on a secluded farm in Claremont, Ontario. Born into a musical family, with both parents and other family members in the music business, the girls became interested in the business from a very early age. Lennon got her first guitar when she was five and was taught by her father, an experienced guitarist. Although neither of them has ever received lessons or professional vocal or instrumental training, they both play numerous instruments and sing in two-part harmony. The family moved to Nashville from Canada in so Brad and MaryLynne could further their music career.

Or, IRL, when they wrote their own children's book, In the Waves , and an original song to go with it? Flash forward to and the real-life sisters both look so grown up, they are almost unrecognizable. Older sister Lennon was 13 when she first started appearing on the country music hit. The now year-old singer looks especially different with bright, blonde hair and plump lips. A post shared by thisislennon lennonstella on Jan 16, at pm PST.

What sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella from Nashville look like now.





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