Devin mccourty and jason mccourty

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Oh, brother: Devin McCourty's twin Jason brings new perspective to Patriots

devin mccourty and jason mccourty

Super Bowl Champions Devin McCourty & Jason McCourty Address the Rutgers University Class of 2019


Jason McCourty was reunited with his twin brother Devin on the Patriots and the two share their thoughts about having success playing on the same team. Harrell said she just smiles when that happens, when one of the twins makes a remark and it feels like the words came right out of Calvin McCourty's mouth. Harrell keeps those thoughts and the sweetest memories of her longtime companion to herself because, she said, "it wouldn't do me good to say anything to Devin and Jason. A former basketball star at Nyack High School, Calvin McCourty was a year-old supervisor in the Lederle computer department and an asthmatic who had been recently hospitalized. Calvin and Phyllis, a former cheerleader, didn't start dating until after high school. They loved each other and loved their life with Devin and Jason in their home inside the low-income community known as Nyack Plaza.

As a senior, he had 50 tackles and three interceptions.
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The McCourty brothers will be playing in the big game together for the first time. The McCourty twins are the first set of twins to play in a Super Bowl ever. Welcome to the SUP! Blessing to be able to play a full regular season next to my dog! In fact, the brothers who were born just 27 minutes apart Devin is older have shared an Instagram account since joining the social media platform. The guys have a lot of fun interacting with one another and are pretty entertaining to watch. You can check it out below.

Devin McCourty

Twins Devin & Jason McCourty: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Both immediately answered something along the lines of, well we've been together a while. The back-and-forth was partly The McCourty Variety Hour -- both twins showed up trying to trick the media into thinking they were the other -- but it was also an opportunity for Jason to explain how having Devin as a teammate will help him get adjusted. And it was an opportunity for Devin to explain why Jason will be a good addition to everyone else in the Patriots locker room. I think that's the biggest thing. We get in a routine, we've won a lot of football games, and it's always good to get a perspective of what it takes so you're not kinda getting worn down or thinking, 'We're working hard, this is too much. Like he always tells me, last year [with the Browns]: Worst year ever.

Jason McCourty epic Super Bowl 53 TD pass breakup - Goff, Cooks - New England Patriots - Rams


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  1. Jason McCourty (born August 13, ) is an American football cornerback for the New .. Jason and Devin McCourty jointly delivered the commencement address at Rutgers; they also received honorary doctorates from their alma mater.

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