Depression and obsession ukulele chords

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Depression And Obsession

depression and obsession ukulele chords


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Green collar crime for my late night obsession And if I jump off a violet time i might land in depression. Green, gold. Let it all glow Let them all know red, gold ruins all let it all Green, gold. Let it all glow Let them all know red, gold ruins all let it all Gold, gold ethanol, oh for my greed and liquor complexion oh And when I've drank everything that I own that I own You'll see this wine is my magnetic attraction. Red, red passionate oh - oh for my "You could be the one" satisfaction And if i die in the climax of choke choke My witness god takes no action.

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You know, if you want to play it…. Never published a transcription before!! Hope you enjoy! Repeat main melody ends in same fashion, see end chords : War and glory, reinvention Fusion, freedom, her attention Out in daylight lie potential Bold, precise, experimental Who am I now in this world without her? Hurray :. A —————————— —————————.

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