Spine and pain center san antonio san antonio tx

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Meet Dr. Jeremy Jones, MD

spine and pain center san antonio san antonio tx

Radiofrequency Ablation - San Antonio, Texas

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Gonzalez specializes in advanced fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided procedural interventions to treat all types of pain syndromes. From bursal injections to kyphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures he is skilled in most advanced pain procedures. Gonzalez believes in taking a multi-modal approach for all patients. He will never turn down the opportunity to treat a patient even with the most long-standing difficult to treat pain syndromes. He understands the value of using an individualized comprehensive multi-modal approach for each patient. Gonzalez is a wonderful doctor.

Call business Our multi-disciplinary approach to pain management and neurologic disorders is tailored to the patient. You may be struggling with pain for the first time, and are trying to better understand the source of your pain. Or, you may have dealt with pain for years, and are looking for ways to improve your current pain management routine. Our highly rated doctors and medical team.

If you go to this office be prepared to be treated rudely by the front desk girl. She is miserable and it shows! She has a bad attitude towards patients in office and on the phone. Karasek as your Doctor. I would think he is Bi-Polar. One visit he will treat you like he cares a lot about your medical issues. Than on your next visit he can be a complete jerk.

The professional and medical staff. Everything is done to calm the coward. The procedure is explained down to what liquids are cold and when you get the needle sticks. However, two weeks ago I had the worst flare-up ever. I stayed up all night in tears and couldn't bear the pain. It hurt to stand, and it hurt to lay down. I called Dr.

Advanced Spine and Pain Center

Epidural Steroid Injection - San Antonio, Texas

Dennis E Karasek MD - Spine & Pain Center Of San Antonio

Schedule a Consultation. Chronic joint pain, back pain, leg pain, herniated discs or other conditions we offer solutions for permanent pain relief. Minimally invasive surgical spinal procedures that give our patients the greatest relief fast. We offer regenerative therapies that show promise in the treatment of orthopedic pain. Our Mission at Spine Care of San Antonio is to evaluate, diagnose and provide a treatment plan for patients with acute and chronic pain, achieving a reduction or complete resolution of their pain. Our goal extends beyond pain relief, we want to treat the cause of the pain and optimize quality of life, reduction of pain medications and return to a healthy life style. We are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of care in Pain Management, by bringing the latest diagnostic and interventional techniques in our field.

Jeremy C. Jones is a Harvard trained interventional pain physician, board certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Management. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He graduated from West Point with a degree in Electrical Engineering and went on to serve active duty as a commissioned officer. Upon completion of his military service, Dr.

Our goal is to provide each and every patient with comprehensive, compassionate care. We are fellowship-trained physicians specialized in treating acute and chronic pain conditions, striving to provide the latest in medical treatment. What We Do. We offer on-site pain management with our advanced non-opiate procedures and multidisciplinary treatment plans. Our physicians specialize in treating your pain through extensive training in physical medicine and rehabilitation or anesthesiology, with subspecialty training in pain management.


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