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‘My Wife & Kids’ Star Parker McKenna Posey Allegedly Beaten By Boyfriend

parker mckenna posey and chris



Parker claims Sails beat her up so badly that she thought she was going to die. Parker says Chris, who is also 23 years old, punched her repeatedly, slapped her in the face, and choked her while slamming her head on the ground. Parker called the police, and when they got there, they saw that she had a black eye and cuts on her neck. She reportedly told police that she had been attacked by a woman who was visiting their home, but two weeks later, she recanted her story and told police that Sails was the one who beat her up. Chris was arrested for assault and taken into police custody on Thursday, October 25th.

Parker and Chris seem to have a tumultuous on again off again relationship and these new allegations seem to support that theory. Parker apparently moved in with Chris two weeks ago but recently was said to have moved back in with her family in Los Angeles. We can neither confirm or deny his involvement—everything is online hearsay. Via officialallteaallshade. A post shared by Cheekywiki. Neither Chris Sails nor Parker McKenna has commented publicly on the matter but her last few tweets seemed to be directed at the YouTuber. Hit us up Trend All Day to let us know your thoughts.

In the weeks since disturbing images surfaced online, featuring the now year-old former child star with a black eye and bruises on her arm, Houston authorities arrested Chris on assault charges Thursday. A battered Parker explained to prosecutors that her YouTube starring ex-boo got pissed after he saw a DM from another man on her phone, and attacked her within an inch of her life, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. Parker claims Chris repeatedly punched and slapped her in the face, and choked her while slamming her head on the ground. Parker called cops and responding officers noticed she had a black eye and cuts on her neck; however, she told them a woman who was visiting attacked her. Kelly pleads NOT guilty to 11 new sex crime charges; faces up to 30 years in jail Nipsey Hussle murder case transcripts will remain sealed for now, rules L. Young Thug hit with Drug and Weapon charges.

So the news of McKenna and her relationship with Sails was one of public interest. And people were intrigued by the appearance of a photo featuring McKenna with a black eye. Then last week, McKenna thanked fans for their support of her during this time. Now, Sails is offering his two cents on the incident. Interestingly enough, he acknowledges that he was the one who inflicted bruises on McKenna but he offered a reason for that.

Parker McKenna's Ex-Boyfriend Chris Sails Arrested For Assaulting Her: Report


Parker McKenna Posey's ex-boyfriend Chris Sails arrested for assaulting the My Wife and Kids star

Chris Sails has remained silent as the drama between him and his now ex-girlfriend Parker McKenna Posey as escalated but now he is speaking out. Sails has been accused of physically assaulting Posey back in September and after being arrested and embarrassed publicly he is speaking out. He claims that after he tried to break up with Posey, she became hysterical, began screaming at him and threw the first hit. The YouTube star was arrested October 25th and charged with third degree felony assault. Sails is scheduled to appear in court again December.

Parker Mckenna Spills Tea on Chris Sails in Exclusive interview with Hollywood Unlocked


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